Friday, May 31, 2013

DIY With Star: Creating a Kiss Board

I wanted to share with you a fun little DIY project you could incorporate into the next bachelorette party, bridal shower, baby shower or birthday party you throw.  Create a kiss board for the lovely woman you are celebrating!

A few months ago I threw a baby shower for one of my best friends who was pregnant with a baby girl whose name would be Isla.  In addition to the games I'd planned, I wanted to do something interactive with the guests so I decided to create a "Kisses for Isla" station.  I included various shades of pink lipstick and cotton swabs for applying it, a small mirror, small pieces of paper for each kiss, a pen for labeling the kisses, tissues and instructions.  The shower guests had a great time!  They compared their kisses, took pictures of each other wearing fuchsia lipstick and said to each other jokingly "wow, that is really your color!".  After the shower I collected all of the kisses and framed them for my friend.  She loves this keepsake and has it hanging in her daughter's room.  How sweet that Isla has "kisses" from the most special women in her life all in one place!

This was a perfect project for a baby shower, but would also be great for a bachelorette party or bridal shower (it could say "Kisses for the Happy Couple").  How cool would it be to have a kiss board with all of your Bridesmaid's kisses?!

I loved the project so much I decided to incorporate it into my birthday celebration.  I recently turned the big 3-0 and thought it was the perfect milestone to capture "kisses" from my best girl friends.  These are the girls who have been my friends through thick and thin and I love that I now have their kisses all in one place.  Everyone's kisses are so unique and individual which is what make this project so cool!  I will forever treasure it along with the memories of the fun night we had when we made it.

I hope I've convinced you to make a "kiss board" for an upcoming event with the girls!  A few things to remember: make sure to have plenty of extra papers for the kisses because I can guarantee you that your guests will want a "do over" to get the perfect kiss :)  You could also skip the little pieces of paper all together and just have guests place their kisses directly on a larger piece of paper.  That would look cool too!



  1. Perfect for gift purposes, Love the idea and of course the kiss board must match with a great photo frame.

  2. Absolutely Fabulous! I'm definately using! Tq so much!

  3. What does the instruction card say for "Kisses for Isla"?

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