Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Holiday Parties at Home: Simple steps to Success!

Hello all! I'm sorry it took me a bit longer than I anticipated to get this next post out but last week was crazy for me. I had a huge holiday party for 1000 people, I will be posting photos soon and then the very next day we had our own holiday housewarming for over 100 people. Things were crazy and chaotic and somewhere in the midst of things I learned that my Godfather, Uncle Irving, had passed away. Anyway, both events were extremely successful and went very smooth.

In this post, I'd like to share with you my simple steps to having a successful holiday party in your home. This is my absolute favorite season and there's no better way to celebrate it then to be in good company with great food and decor!

1) Plan ahead! Even if your a last minute Charlie which I myself, even sometimes tend to be, always try and at least map out the direction your going in advance. For my holiday party, I made my menu the same night I made the guest list. This points you in the right direction and prepares you for what to respond with when helpful guests offer to bring someting. Plan your menu, your beverages, your decor and your entertainment as far in advance as you can and this will enable you to have more time for prep as the week of approaches.

2) Accept help! While many do like to do everything they can on their own, help is great too! This year I knew as much as I'd love to do everything on my own it just wasn't feasible with such a large event the day before. Instead, I planned to cook all my crowd pleasing appetizers and platters that I could myself, and get help with mini gourmet sandwiches and salads. I called upon a favorite vendor and immediately felt the relief. I then ordered potato latkes as well from a couple local chefs I know and they aided in taking off some of the pressure. In addition, anyone that offered to bring something I accepted. I asked all my generous guests who offered to please bring a dessert. I also ordered mini cupcakes from Yummy Cupcakes in Burbank and dessert was a huge hit.

3) Appreciate all the details... This year I was full of details! Little things that don't seem that relevant are often times the things your guests will notice most.

I hung ornaments from my chandelier using ribbon, added fabric to my mantles and placed holly around the house for a festive smell. I also made sure to place little snacks such as candy bowls, chocolate covered nuts and raisins in every room for guests to much on. I made sure that the food I was serving had little placecards in front of them to identify what each item was and made sure to have a large variety for my veggie, meat and seafood eaters. I also altered our lighting using twinkle lights, candles and dimmers. This added a real ambiance to the evening.

4) Clean up as you go! Throughout the day while I was prepping and the night while I was entertaining I consistently attempted to put away and clean as much as possible. This prevents a large mess for the end of the night and is very easy. Try and remember the guideline full hands in - full hands out. Anytime your walking in or out of the kitchen or dining area always try and multi-task as you go. The more you can do while completing other tasks along the way, the less you will have to do at the end of the night. It's a great trick to follow and is rather simple too.

5) Have fun! Don't forget to enjoy yourself with your guests. This is always one thing I tend to forget myself, I get so wrapped up in cooking and perfecting everything I tend to place enjoying myself lower on the list. But ultimately, your guests are here for you, it's important to share the night with them. Make sure you allow ample time to complete your entertaining duties and still play a part in the night as well.

So those are my top tips for a successful evening amongst your closest family and friends. I wish you all a happy healthy holiday from my home and into your own. I will try to post a few more times prior to the end of the year

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Come check out our new profile on The Wedding Directory!

We are so pleased to now be part of the The Wedding Directory Community! OneWed is such a fabulous resource for all things wedding related, especially when it comes to all resources!

Monday, December 15, 2008

And the Blogging Begins!

Ok so here we go! The time has come and I can't tell you how absolutely excited I am to start blogging. I've been dreaming for so long for the moment that I could actually start posting inspiration for my brides, brag on behalf of my newlyweds and offer helpful information to my corporate and social clients!

For most that know me personally, you know that there is nothing I enjoy more than bringing happiness to those around me. I'm a people pleaser and I honestly believe that I was born to blog!

It's like I almost want to jump up and down like a little girl who just got the puppy she's been begging for. Funny enough, I did just get one of those too for my birthday!

So in honor of her, here is a picture of our new baby puppy Kalle.

Anyway, I may try to go on forever if I don't stop here. So, please stay tuned for up and coming trends, helpful tips & tricks and much more fun stuff to come!

Have a wonderful day!