Thursday, April 18, 2013

Sterling Buzz: Happy 8th to Sterling Engagements!!!

8 years ago today I made the decision to launch my company, the Sterling Engagements journey has been nothing short of extraordinary and today I feel incredibly humbled by it all.  We are so blessed to have 8 years of incredible events, memories and experiences with both our clients, colleagues and supporters.

Photo courtesy of Vinography

As some of you may know or were able to read last year, there's a very special story that goes alongside it all.  If you haven't had the opportunity, be sure to check out last year's post.  

2013 will be a very special year as we unveil our new brand.  Get ready for an exciting new look and new website very soon!  We've been working ferociously with Jennifer Ebert of Prim and Pixie and CANNOT WAIT to share it!!!  In the meantime, here's a sneak peek!


Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Inspired by All White Weddings & Events!

Spring is in full force for Sterling Engagements and we have been busy bee's prepping for all our amazing Spring and Summer weddings.  But with all the chaos, I still find myself more inspired then ever even by just seeing a window display or reading a magazine.  It's incredible how inspiration just magically appears in the most unconventional of ways and I always challenge myself with what I want to do with it.

Today, I had to share one of my favorite looks with you as we have several designs inspired by this coming up that are very white!!!!  There's something so pure and serene about all white.  It could be simply designed or extraordinarily over the top, either direction always ends in one result, truly stunning!

Whether it's an all white wedding or event, everything white always excites my mind and with that being said... I have to share a few of my favorite images that I've been lusting after lately.

I love the lighting installations on this one.  Notice how on the actual tabletop it's more simple and understated but adding that extra design element from above just takes it to a whole new level!

Photo courtesy of  Bridal Banter

Again, simple but elegant with a more understated ceiling installation.  When you are designing with an all white palette it doesn't always have to be or need to be over the top and this image shows us that...  Yet view how beautiful it is!

Photo courtesy of Damon Tucci Photography

Then of course we go over the top and look how amazing that can be!  It's whimsical, romantic and oh so angelic.  I just adore this ceremony setup.
Photo courtesy of  Pinterest

So classic, so timeless, so garden romantic!

Photo courtesy of  Pinterest

 I just love how the fabric draping begins from the very top of the ceiling.  It makes such a difference to the eye... I also love the potted arrangements flanking the sides while they still have a more simple tie back in combination with it.  So beautiful!

 Photo courtesy of  Pinterest

This image just makes me want to drift away right now to Palm Springs where the event actually took place!  It's stunning, modern, elegant and sexy!  Both the acrylic columns and the covered ones add such great dimension to this look.  Dimension and texture are always a favorite of mine...

 Photo courtesy of  Pinterest

 I just adore this period!  There's obviously a lot going on between the candles and the lighting plus the florals with the textured linens... but events like this whisk you away to a far away place, a happy place.  A place where guests are just enamored with their surroundings and that's an incredible experience to provide.

 Photo courtesy of Once Wed

I love the balance of this cake.  How it's a heavier base with roses and as you go further up it gets lighter and more simple.  Yet it still has just the right amount of detail to wow you.

Photo courtesy of  Pinterest

Again the most simple of tabletops with all the action above eye level to blow you away!  Just extraordinary!

 Photo courtesy of  Pinterest

I love everything mirror, so of course this one's in my top 3 of the bunch!  From floor to ceiling it's just incredible!

Photo courtesy of  Unique Bridal Dresses

I love all the different white textures going on here.  Controlling the lighting with blue and even purple hues when doing an all white palette is always breathtaking as you can see below!
Photo courtesy of Shawna Yamamoto Event Design

Today I'd like to try something different.  I'm going to end this post with a challenge.  I challenge you to get inspired this week over something unconventional.  Let something out of the ordinary or that you find in a unique way inspire you and be creative with it!  Creativity for myself is just there.  It's very apparent everywhere I look, design, touch and feel.  For some, they relate, for others it's more of a challenge than that.  Push yourself to be inspired and be creative with it this week.  Let us know what you find and what you do by commenting below.  I'd love to see you push outside your comfort zone whether it's for your wedding or event, professionally or even personally and do something amazing with it.  I can't wait to check back and hear what you've done... =)