Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Sterling Buzz: Sterling Engagements Turns 7!

Today is such a special day here at the office for myself and our entire Sterling family.  So excuse the very personal post but I do hope you understand it and maybe enjoy the background history a little.

I'm ecstatic to share that today marks the official 7th anniversary for Sterling Engagements.  I couldn't be more proud and elated with how far we have come as a company.  I'm so grateful for our incredible dream team of vendors and resources, amazing production team, and of course our supportive and loyal clients.  As we continue to grow, I look forward to sharing many more anniversaries with you! 

This photo was taken on the closing night from a series of corporate events from last month

For those of you who don't know our story, I felt compelled to share it today on such a special day.  I founded Sterling Engagements in my townhouse bedroom in college on April 18th, 2005.  It was the 3-year anniversary after I lost my father.  Thus, today is a bittersweet day for me, 10 years since my father passed away and 7 years for Sterling Engagements.

I made the decision in March of that year to start my business and I remember driving around and doodling in class for weeks with what I was going to name my company.  My Dad's nickname was Sterling and everyone called him that, including himself, so early on I knew this would be part of the name.  I remember being a broken record for weeks on end, Sterling Weddings, Sterling Events,  Sterling Occasions, Sterling Fairytales, well no, not really that one...  The process really was exhausting though, but being the perfectionist that I was, I just kept going.

Finally on this day 7 years ago, April 18, 2005, I remember driving on my way to CSUN and it just came to me.  Sterling Engagements!  Aha, magic in the air, choir sings.  It was a special moment and I loved it instantly.  What I love about it most is its uniqueness.  I'd like to say my planning and design style is versatile. We do weddings, corporate events, social affairs and beyond.  Plus, every client is different thus no two events we produce are ever the same.  However, each event we work on is consistently special, personalized and handcrafted with an abundance of love.  Most importantly though, we always engage our clients, guests and even our production team.  That magnetic energy is what I continuously try to transcend with each and every event we work on from start to finish.  And with that... Sterling Engagements was born.     

This was from our very first wedding at The Hollywood Roosevelt on March 25th, 2006.  It was an Indian Wedding and Bride Firdose and Groom Amir were also our first out of state clients!

As I celebrate Sterling Engagements today a.k.a. the second love of my life (my husband comes first of course), I also am still mourning that 10 years ago today I unexpectedly said goodbye to my father.  However it truly is bittersweet as I've reached for the stars to live on his legacy. Honoring his name in my company, I really feel I've been blessed with nothing short of extraordinary opportunities.  So cheers to my father and cheers to an infinite number of more successful years of business to come!

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