Friday, July 31, 2009

Festive Fridays: We heart happy flowers!

There is nothing more festive than a bright space overflowing with color and excitement. We absolutely love weddings that are vivacious and full of life. The colors for this particular event, designed by The Treasured Petal are extraordinary! So happy, the color combinations work so well together, especially for an event so close to the beach!

The amazing photographs are courtesy of Sae Lee Photography.

Happy Flowers!

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Stunning Jewels and Such to make you Shine!

Large passionflower hairpin by Jo Thorne

This hair pin is lightly antiqued sterling silver then set with cubic zirconia. The overall diameter is 80mm.

Jo Thorne collections bring a smart new aesthetic to bridal hair accessories, updating them for the 21st century by fusing unrivalled craftsmanship with peerless design expertise. Working in precious metals with the skills of a master jeweller, Jo has broken new ground by reinterpreting the forms and style of early 20th century design to create a scintillating red carpet statement for the contemporary bride. Each piece is an individual commission, allowing many aspects to be tailored to your specific requirements: size and finish, colour and stones.

The tiaras and hairpins in her collection are designed to work with your hairstyle as a stylish alternative to real flowers. Lightly antiqued sterling silver and cubic zirconia are combined perfectly here in a fresh and original fusion of art nouveau and contemporary design.

We absolutely adore this unique and stunning designs. This our favorite but visit the site for many more!

Vintage Lace by Kay Jewellery

This necklace is simply amazing... it is made from a collection of genuine vintage finds... from enamel flowers to diamante brooches....

Huge vintage white enamel metal flowers form the focals for the necklace, two vintage brooches... one is a golden paste stone flower and the other a sparkling pillow shaped diamante brooch, two vintage marcasite flowers, a huge faceted puffed heart, a grey crystal round dangle pendant, plenty of vintage creamy white beads and gorgeous handmade white Venetian wedding cake beads....

This is perfect for couture high-fashion gown or a simple design you wanna glam up. Regardless it's eye catching and we love that the focal point of it is off to the side!

Happy Bling!

Monday, July 27, 2009

My Fave Mondays: Affectionate Digitals

We are so excited about today's My Fave Monday pick. Affectionate Digitals is a custom invitation company that designs stunning invitations, stationary and more! We love working with Ruth and know that her handmade creations always contribute to creating a buzz about our client's events!

Affectionate Digitals started as a husband and wife team dedicated to helping couples design and create unique and elegant invitations and cards. They have over eight years of experience designing cards, and many years in the computer technology and photography fields. The combined experience allows them to serve all your needs when it comes to creative design and exceptional attention to detail.

They really strive to offer something different in terms of design, style and content so that the invitation to your special event will delight your guests. They help you add a personal touch, whether it is with a photo, a specialty paper, your own special wording or an "affectionate digital". By adding a personal touch, you will gain the attention of your guests. Your honored guests will know they are being invited to a very special celebration.

This is to date our favorite design we! The detail is amazing throughout each layer of this invitation. Not to mention the actual event was at a favorite venue also, Hummingbird Nest Ranch.

They have a beautiful assortment of handmade papers, which they order from Nepal and other amazing sources all over the world.

They also assist clients to create custom monograms special for the day. These are a beautiful accent on the outside of a folded invitation. It compliments the handmade paper and is such a great personal touch!

Their line of products include:

* Specialty Paper Custom Invitations
* Photo and Non-Photo Invitations
* Save the Date Cards and Booklets
* PHOTO Thank You Cards

* Maps
* Programs
* Menus, Table Cards, Escort Cards

* Traditional Styles
* Embossed Border Designs
* All Forms of Printing
* Computerized Calligraphy

* Guest Calligraphy Font
* Other Paper Accessories

* Fine Personalized Stationery
for your personal needs and
social requirements

Affectionate Digitals also does an array of fabulous Mitzvah invitations as well!

Happy Viewing!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Shoe Shot Sunday: Lisa + John

We just love this shoe shot of our friend Lisa and her husband John on their wedding day. So cute!

Photo was shot by Louis and Erin of Palos Studio!

Happy Feet!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Festive Fridays: The Kheinz Dancing Ceremony Celelebration

Since Fridays so often are a day where festivities for events begin, we are starting another new segment called Festive Fridays. Every Friday we will be posting blogs which exemplify festivity. Be it celebrations, happy photographs or simply inspiration in a spirited way, Sterling is now adding a little extra sunshine for our readers every Friday.

This week's Festive Friday was sent to us as a YouTube Link and is quite possibly one of the greatest ceremony processions we have ever seen! Jill and Kevin's video was inspiring on so many levels and are so happy to share such a celebration with everyone! (Be sure to pause the music at the bottom of the blog prior to viewing so you have a better viewing experience and the two don't conflict.)

If that was not amazing enough, Jill and Kevin's video made such movement that the Today Show asked them on the show! Here is what they had to say about this incredible production!

Even better, the Today Show asked them back with their wedding party to recreate the entire dance! Hard to believe everyone involved only rehearsed once at the Thursday rehearsal. Amazing!

What a festive way to dance their way into a happy marriage! Check out Best Wedding Dances for more on Jill and Kevin and other fabulous wedding dances!

Happy Friday!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

New Registry with A Great Affair

So often do I have clients asking me how to register for items other than those at Macy's, Pottery Barn etc... There are so many options out there nowadays with Honeymoon Registries, Photography Registries and more... How do you choose?

While it is not in proper etiquette to ask for cash for your wedding. A registry like A Great Affair, gives you the option of asking for what you really want, while still not literally asking for cash.

So if you are one of those couples out there who has been nesting for long enough that your house is pleasantly full and you want another option... Here is a great way to kindly request what you truly would like for your wedding gifts!

Happy Registry!

Monday, July 20, 2009

My Fave Mondays: Fantasy Frostings

Something to appreciate about Leslie Maynor and Fantasy Frostings is her passion and desire to make a dessert and not just the wedding cake. So often we find clients interested in doing dessert bars, candy bars, a dessert within their coursed meal, cupcakes etc... While these are all delicious, the one thing these items happen to do is take away from that fabulous wedding cake! What we love most about Leslie and her team at Fantasy Frostings is they make beautiful cakes that taste just as decadent as they look! This is why they are our favorite pick this week.

Fantasy Frostings is a family owned and operated business on the West Coast, opened by Joyce Maynor 30 years ago. While they do bake up whatever you wish to order, they definitely specialize in Wedding Cakes. They understand that an unforgettable cake is essential to any wonderful event. It embodies all the elements of style, beauty, and taste that a party represents.

Their attention to detail, outstanding customer service, and unmistakable taste have earned Fantasy Frostings recognition from some of the nations most prestigious food, wedding, and lifestyle magazines including:
● In Style
● InStyle Weddings
● Bride’s Magazine
● Los Angeles Times Magazine
● Elegant Bride
● Los Angeles Magazine
● People
● Modern Bride
● Angeles Magazine
● Grace Ormonde Wedding Style 2003

Numerous wedding books have also highlighted Fantasy Frostings’ cakes including:
● Weddings a Celebration - Beverly Clark
● Town & Country - Elegant Weddings
● Here Comes the Guide - Wedding and Reception Sites

The Fantasy Frostings Menu includes the following...
We love the Chocolate Fudge Surprise and Marble Chip!

White Satin
A moist, luscious, old fashioned white cake sprinkled gently with Grand Marnier and filled with layers of white chocolate mousse and shaved dark chocolate alternating with Raspberries on a bed of whipped crème.

Chocolate Fudge Surprise
Dense, Dark Chocolate layers glorified with hand beaten fudge, dark chocolate mousse and a rich layer of ganache with crushed English toffee. Our tribute to all world class chocolate lovers.

Lemon Squeeze
A sunny lemon pound cake enhanced with a perky lemon sauce and filled with a tart English Lemon Curd alternating with tangy lemonade mousse for a great taste sensation.

Banana Walnut
A rich cake batter laden with fresh bananas and walnuts, lightly spiced and filled with fresh bananas and whipped cream or if you prefer a soft banana cream.

New Orleans Spice
A soft, lightly textured cake generously flavored with cinnamon, nutmeg, and cloves with a gentle splash of brandy before baking. A soft cream mousse is the favored filling.

14 Karat
Pineapple, walnuts, cinnamon, and carrots make this a heavy favorite. Cream cheese frosting is the popular choice but for a change of pace we suggest our thick apricot filling.

Red Velvet
A light chocolate cake flavor with a deep red color create a unique dessert, filled with a cream cheese frosting or cream mousse is favored as the grooms cake in many southern states.

Marble Chip
Swirls of white and chocolate cake gracefully mingle together. Sliced bananas folded into a rich chocolate mousse, alternating with fudge complete this dessert.

Here's a peak at Kendra Wilkinson's cake which Fantasy Frostings designed for her wedding last month. Photo Courtesy of The Bridal Bar.

Happy Tasting

Friday, July 17, 2009

Festive Fridays:

Since Fridays so often are a day where festivities for events begin, we are starting another new segment called Festive Fridays. Every Friday we will be posting blogs which exemplify festivity. Be it celebrations, happy photographs or simply inspiration in a spirited way, Sterling is now adding a little extra sunshine for our readers every Friday.

To start the series off right, why not do it with an adorable picture from one of our new favorite photographers, Chrissy Farah!

So sweet and happy!

Happy Friday!

Thursday, July 09, 2009

Jason David's Corner Foundation: NFL Celebrity Golf Tournament Weekend SNEAK PEAK!

We had a blast working with Jason David's Corner Foundation this year on their annual NFL Celebrity Golf Tournament Weekend. There are so many fabulous photographs documenting the weekend, so look forward to some great posts coming up. In the meantime, here are a few great shots that caught our attention!

Stay tuned for more to come...

Happy Viewing!

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

New Venue: Terranea Resort in Rancho Palos Verdes

If you have not heard about the new Terranea Resort, it is definitely a new venue worth seeing! These pictures definitely do not do this stunning oceanfront resort justice, but they do give you a sneak peak at this picturesque location. It's absolutely gorgeous and now available for all of your wedding and special event needs.

The Resort is unrivaled in its scenic beauty and romantic allure, with each of
its rolling lawns and romantic gardens designed to bring the magic of the ocean into every event. The Resort's stunning wedding venues provide the most unforgettable nuptial locales with gracious terraces, breathtaking ocean views and manicured gardens.

We cannot wait to begin working with Leslie and her team over at Terranea!

Happy Viewing!

Monday, July 06, 2009

My Fave Mondays: Robert Edward Woodworking

Robert Edward Woodworking, specializes in designing and building unique wedding cake and cupcake stands. Each of his stands are completely handmade and exquisitely detailed. From a custom vintage design to a retro inspired eye-catcher, REW definitely creates a custom look for each wedding or event their work is a part of. That's why they are our pick for today's spotlight.
Standard designs as well as custom stands are available. Custom designs can include a stand that focuses on the design of the cake. For instance, if the cake contains a floral pattern, the stand could subtly suggest a certain element of the design, such as a flower or vine. Another option would be to include an architectural element or logo of a particular venue you are working with. The design possibilities are virtually unlimited!
Whether one of their exquisite standard designs or a spectacular custom design is preferred, I can assure you this type of stand cannot be found anywhere else! Be sure to visit the Robert Edward Woodworking website or contact Robert directly at (201) 393-0507 for more information.

Happy Standing!

Thursday, July 02, 2009

Special Mementos for Your Special Day from Not Just Any Old Day!

So for quite some time, we have been admiring the beautiful and utterly sentimental gifts and jewelry from Not Just Any Old Day. Their adorable items are so sweet and stylish, plus truly capture the essence of any special occasion. Whether you are celebrating a Wedding or Mitzvah, Anniversary or any other special event these mementos are just fabulous!

The calendar keepsake charms are a fun and unique way to celebrate and cherish life’s celebrations. Marked with a genuine Swarovski crystal on the month and day of your choice, the keepsake pieces are the perfect gift to yourself or someone else — it will forever hold special meaning.

The Not Just Any Old Day collection includes a wide variety of jewelry and gift ideas perfect for so many of life’s special celebrations.

To celebrate a special date in your life or the life of a loved one, there is no more charming gift than our timeless jewelry and gift line. “The new Calendar Key incorporates our “signature” calendar charm into a hip, stylish accessory that is not only unique and beautiful but a wonderful conversation piece” says Not Just Any Old Day designer and creator, Michele Esposito.

“Sentimental keepsakes have such incredible appeal because they bring an element of heartfelt thought to a gift” says Michele. A Not Just Any Old Day calendar keepsake can be customized for a wedding or anniversary, Bar/Bat Mitzvah, birthday or any other holiday or even just because.

Their prices range anywhere from $98-$1,595. We even think this is a great gift to give to a bride from all her bridesmaids!

Happy Shopping!