Thursday, July 30, 2009

Stunning Jewels and Such to make you Shine!

Large passionflower hairpin by Jo Thorne

This hair pin is lightly antiqued sterling silver then set with cubic zirconia. The overall diameter is 80mm.

Jo Thorne collections bring a smart new aesthetic to bridal hair accessories, updating them for the 21st century by fusing unrivalled craftsmanship with peerless design expertise. Working in precious metals with the skills of a master jeweller, Jo has broken new ground by reinterpreting the forms and style of early 20th century design to create a scintillating red carpet statement for the contemporary bride. Each piece is an individual commission, allowing many aspects to be tailored to your specific requirements: size and finish, colour and stones.

The tiaras and hairpins in her collection are designed to work with your hairstyle as a stylish alternative to real flowers. Lightly antiqued sterling silver and cubic zirconia are combined perfectly here in a fresh and original fusion of art nouveau and contemporary design.

We absolutely adore this unique and stunning designs. This our favorite but visit the site for many more!

Vintage Lace by Kay Jewellery

This necklace is simply amazing... it is made from a collection of genuine vintage finds... from enamel flowers to diamante brooches....

Huge vintage white enamel metal flowers form the focals for the necklace, two vintage brooches... one is a golden paste stone flower and the other a sparkling pillow shaped diamante brooch, two vintage marcasite flowers, a huge faceted puffed heart, a grey crystal round dangle pendant, plenty of vintage creamy white beads and gorgeous handmade white Venetian wedding cake beads....

This is perfect for couture high-fashion gown or a simple design you wanna glam up. Regardless it's eye catching and we love that the focal point of it is off to the side!

Happy Bling!

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