Monday, July 06, 2009

My Fave Mondays: Robert Edward Woodworking

Robert Edward Woodworking, specializes in designing and building unique wedding cake and cupcake stands. Each of his stands are completely handmade and exquisitely detailed. From a custom vintage design to a retro inspired eye-catcher, REW definitely creates a custom look for each wedding or event their work is a part of. That's why they are our pick for today's spotlight.
Standard designs as well as custom stands are available. Custom designs can include a stand that focuses on the design of the cake. For instance, if the cake contains a floral pattern, the stand could subtly suggest a certain element of the design, such as a flower or vine. Another option would be to include an architectural element or logo of a particular venue you are working with. The design possibilities are virtually unlimited!
Whether one of their exquisite standard designs or a spectacular custom design is preferred, I can assure you this type of stand cannot be found anywhere else! Be sure to visit the Robert Edward Woodworking website or contact Robert directly at (201) 393-0507 for more information.

Happy Standing!

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