Friday, July 24, 2009

Festive Fridays: The Kheinz Dancing Ceremony Celelebration

Since Fridays so often are a day where festivities for events begin, we are starting another new segment called Festive Fridays. Every Friday we will be posting blogs which exemplify festivity. Be it celebrations, happy photographs or simply inspiration in a spirited way, Sterling is now adding a little extra sunshine for our readers every Friday.

This week's Festive Friday was sent to us as a YouTube Link and is quite possibly one of the greatest ceremony processions we have ever seen! Jill and Kevin's video was inspiring on so many levels and are so happy to share such a celebration with everyone! (Be sure to pause the music at the bottom of the blog prior to viewing so you have a better viewing experience and the two don't conflict.)

If that was not amazing enough, Jill and Kevin's video made such movement that the Today Show asked them on the show! Here is what they had to say about this incredible production!

Even better, the Today Show asked them back with their wedding party to recreate the entire dance! Hard to believe everyone involved only rehearsed once at the Thursday rehearsal. Amazing!

What a festive way to dance their way into a happy marriage! Check out Best Wedding Dances for more on Jill and Kevin and other fabulous wedding dances!

Happy Friday!

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