Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Star's Inspirations: Jumping For Joy (literally)!

I'm a huge fan of jumping photos and like to take them quite often (to my husbands dismay).  I think they encompass so much: happiness, excitement, adventure... and they always get everyone in the picture laughing before, during and after the photo is taken!  Although it can be difficult to get the perfect shot, especially when multiple people are in the picture, it makes for a priceless photo when you get it just right (as the below photographers have done).

The below photos are a real testament of the pure joy experienced by all of the people in the pictures the moment these photos were taken.  If these photos of people literally jumping for joy on their big day doesn't bring a smile to your face, I don't know what will!

Photos courtesy of Image Works Photography

Photo courtesy of Ravenberg Photography

Photo courtesy of Jumping in Art Museums

Photo courtesy of Jocelyn Brown Photography

Photo courtesy of JB Events Blog

Photo courtesy of United With Love

Photo courtesy of Wow Glowing Bride

Photo courtesy of Apartment 34

Check out some of our favorite Sterling Engagements jump shots over time....

Stephanie and Darren as she jumps for joy right after their ceremony.  They were such a fun couple!

Photo courtesy of Ryan Phillips Photography

Kim and Marcus and Co. pose right outside their church in front of the Beverly Hills sign.  Such a fun group! 

Photo courtesy of Danielle Klebanow Photography 

Daniela and Scott jumping high at Bacara Resort and Spa, shortly after their first look.

Photo courtesy of Chris Schmitt Photography


Sunday, February 26, 2012

Shoe Shot Sunday: Sparkly Shoes for the Oscars!

Today is one of my favorite Sunday's all year long, next to Super Bowl Sunday of course.  I absolutely love the Oscars!  From the fashion, to the glamor, the incredible hair and makeup, amazing stars all in one place, it just really doesn't get better than that.  Plus we cannot forget all the incredible gifting suites, Pre and Post parties, the list just goes on and on for why I love this day.

So... in honor of the fabulous Oscar's today I'll be sharing some amazing shoes I've found and love plus think you will too!

Versace "Crystal Embellished d'Orsay Sandals"

 Photo courtesy of ShoeRazzi

Miu Miu "Glitter Pumps"
Photo courtesy of Harper's Bazaar
Sorelle's "Jewel's for the Feet"
 Photo Courtesy of Lucire
Stuart Weitzman's "Bon Bons Ruby Satin Sandal"
Photo courtesy of The Well-Heeled Society

Christian Louboutin's "Metal Nodo Pump"
Photo courtesy of Million Looks
Vince Camuto "Jorgie Cap Toe Pump"
Photo Courtesy of Fashion Allure

And last but definitely not least, one of my personal favorites for this season... 
Stuart Weitzman's "Millionairess" 
Photo courtesy of Born Rich

What are your favorite shoes?  Can you envision wearing any of these for your big day or special event?  I love the Glitter Shoes for Bridesmaids.  Can you imagine them all sporting them in various colors?

Red Carpet coverage starts soon, cannot wait to see who is wearing what.  Stay tuned later this week for our favorite dresses! 

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Bold, Chic, and in Love: All Things Tie

We all know that so much of the big day is all about the bride. However, there is no harm in making sure that at all times and events your groom looks perfectly put together too! Put together means details, so lets start with the basics. Whether it be your engagement party, telling your parents the big news or the rehearsal dinner, let's make sure he always has the perfect tie.

Spring is coming quickly, and if you live in Los Angeles or are planning a Los Angeles Wedding it is basically spring weather year around. Here are some great, colorful ties and bow ties that are perfect for your man this season.

Photos Courtesy of Brooks Brothers, The Tie Bar, Barneys, Bloomingdales, J. Crew and Nordstroms.

1- Bow Tie from Brooks Brothers
This bow tie is pretty safe and standard. It comes in different colors that can be a little more daring, but it is a great classic choice.

2-  One Inch Matte Tie Bar from The Tie Bar 
The tie bar is a must have for your groom. They really complete the look and show attention to detail. This specific one is better for a skinny tie, as it is one inch and you never want to have at tie bar that is longer than the width of your tie.
**The rule with tie bars is that you clip them  in between the third and fourth button of your shirt.

3- Macartney Stripe-Linen Cotton Tie from J. Crew 
This tie is so fun! It comes in a pretty green, blue and this red. Really adds a pop of color, even if you are to wear it with a simple white button up.

4- Butterfly Knit Bow from Brooks Brothers
This is such a beautiful green, your man will look absolutely stunning in it! It is a bold choice, so make sure you wear something bold too!

5- Paul Smith Moon Dot Tie from Bloomingdale's
What is more fun than polka dots? I love how they add the perfect amount of fun to an otherwise very simple tie.

6- Silver Shot 1 1/2 inch tie bar from The Tie Bar 
 This tie bar is better for your wider tie. One of the great things about The Tie Bar is that it is so affordable! These tie bars are only $15 and ship out the next day. GQ swears by The Tie Bar, you can find them in every months magazine.

7- Dot Bow Tie from Brooks Brothers 
This red pops so much, which pairs well with the subtle polka dots. Another very bold choice.

8- Michael Kors Stripe Silk Tie from Nordstroms 
This tie is probably the most classic choice so far, but still leaves room for fun! I am convinced that lavender is the perfect color to compliment anyone and everyone. Plus, its a very beautiful choice for spring.  

9- Barneys Tie Bar
This tie bar is a little more fun and edgy than the normal, simple silver one. I enjoy the style. It can either add a little to a solid colored tie or funk up a already colorful and bold tie.

You may notice that none of these bow ties are clip-on. That is because it is very important that every man learns how to tie one themselves! Here is a video GQ did with Swizz Beats on how to tie your own bow tie.  I just love it and think you will too!

Video courtesy of GQ

Remember to have fun looking great, and of course let me know if you ever have any style questions!


Wednesday, February 22, 2012

DIY with Star: Simple Paper Flowers

I absolutely love all things paper: scrap-booking paper, butcher paper, wrapping paper, card-stock... paper goods, paper decorations, paper embellishments, and crafting with paper!  I actually used these paper flowers as embellishments on my DIY wrapping post last December.  I've been making these paper flowers for quite some time and they are so simple, I had to share them with you!  All you need are scraps of paper and tiny brads, that's it!  You can use these adorable paper flowers to adorn packages or as table decorations.  You can even glue them to fishing line or ribbon to make paper flower garland.

Follow this simple tutorial to make your own...

Step 1:  Cut out approximately 6 paper flowers of varying sizes (they don't have to be perfect :).  The ones I cut were between approximately 1 inch to 3 inches; I also used a variety of colors and textures.  Once they are cut out, punch a small whole in the middle of each flower.

Step 2:  Starting with the largest flower on the bottom, pile the other flowers on top of one another from largest to smallest with the smallest flower on the top.

Step 3:  Take a small brad (I purchased these from JoAnn's) and secure it through the holes.

Step 4:  Quickly run the brad secured flowers under water.  You want them to be damp so the paper is pliable, but not so wet that the paper tears.  The thicker the paper, the more water it can handle.  Starting with the smallest flower on top, carefully fold it in toward the center.

Continue to work down the flower, carefully folding each paper flower in toward the center.

Once all of the flowers are individually folded into the center your flower will look like this:

Step 5:  Gently unwrap the flowers, starting with the largest one.  You can fuss with them a bit until you like what you see.  You can then let it dry and it will retain it's shape.

And there you have it.  A beautiful paper flower that took less than 5 minutes to make!

I used a dab of glue to adorn my gold flower to this little package.  This would be a perfect for a wedding or shower favor!

Give these puppies a try and let me know how it goes!  Happy crafting :)


Monday, February 20, 2012

Wedding day Lovin': Chalkboards, Banners and more!

I came across this precious image while searching for shoes!  While browsing on the lovely Millie Holloman's site I just fell in love and it was too sweet not to share.  Adding sentimental decor elements like this, is the perfect touch to infuse your personality into your day with a little sass.  It's kitschy, romantic, funny and so much more.    

Here are a few others I came across that I just adore!

 Photo courtesy The Loveliest Day

Photo courtesy of Green Wedding Shoes

Photo courtesy of Style Me Pretty and R. Jack Balthazar

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Shoe Shot Sunday: Jenny + Blake

I immediately fell in love when I came across this super sweet wedding in Bald Head Island, North Carolina.  Jenny and Blake were married at the Shoals Club, what I loved most about their day was how it was beautiful, understated and had lovely nautical touches! 

Her shoes were sparkly and elegant while his shoes were a bit more casual and perfect for their location near the beach. 

The groomsmen all wore matching shoes and I even loved the doggy paws incorporated too!  So of course I had to share this one as well.

All photos courtesy of Millie Holloman

To view more details from their big day visit Millie Holloman's awesome blog post from their big day!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Bold, Chic and in Love: Engagement Party Dress

Being that it is a few days after Valentines day, I know we have some extremely newly engaged brides visiting the blog. So congratulations and welcome, I'm so happy to share my first official post of "Bold, Chic and In Love" with you!

One of the very first events that you and your fiancé often attend is your engagement party,  so today, I'm going to make choosing your outfit one of the easier decision you'll have to make!

Whether your party is formal or casual, you will  absolutely be the most beautiful girl there. So go all the way!  Depending on your budget, age, style, and body type, I have quite a few suggestions for you to view.

Photo Courtesy of ASOS, Bloomingdales and HM

1- Pencil Dress from ASOS
This pencil dress is a very classy dress that comes in black and red. It is a fitted and flattering dress. The simpleness and cut makes it a very subtle, sexy dress. You can dress it up with a skinny belt, a color pop shoe and clutch. Or you can keep it classy with a black pump and maybe some pearl bracelets. 

2- Chiffon Dress from HM
This dress is only $50. It comes in a dark gray and this burnt orange. It is flattering cut that shows a little more skin than the pencil dress, but is still modest in its cut. You can do a skinny belt and fun statement necklace with this dress, or keep it simple like the photo.

3- Tulip Dress from ASOS
The cowl neck dress comes in black, rose, and this red. It is a very flattering cut, as it pulls in at most peoples thinnest part of their waist, and then flows over the curvier areas. Again, you can dress it up with bracelets and fun heels, or keep it simple with a nude pump. I would not wear a necklace with this dress.

4- Belted Bailey Dress from Kate Spade
Oh how I love this dress, and really all things Kate Spade. Such a classic designer. This dress is appropriate for a range of ages. I would recommend wearing it exactly as it is styled- I love the necklace, hair, heels. Perfection. The belt is removable, so you can use it to flatter your shape or take it off.

5- Sequin Bandeau Dress from ASOS
This dress is for the younger, fashion forward bride. It is a beautiful color, cut, and the pretty gold sequins will make you hard to miss. For accessorizing the dress, I would stick to bracelets and either a nude pump OR if you can find sparkly shoes to match the sparkles on the dress... I would absolutely rock it.

6- Sonja Dress from Kate Spade
This dress is also appropriate for a range of ages. The cut is very simple and classy, and it is flattering as well. Again, Kate Spade knows hers styling so you can absolutely wear it just like in the photo. Or, if you want to funk it up add color in the necklace, belt, heels, clutch. Wear your hair down. Have fun with this one, it is a beautiful canvas to play with.

Hopefully these tips are helpful in getting you to be the best dressed woman at your party. Enjoy!

Being that I have my own fashion blog that gives advice for everyday style to men and woman, Each post I'll be giving a weekly update of what I am up to at  The Fashion One.

This week: 

An all red shoot that I styled for Darling Magazine was published here.

The photos from a shoot I styled for Kelly Dlux can be found here.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Star's Inspirations: Vintage Paper Straws

Vintage paper straws continue to become more and more popular and are oh so sweet.  Cheerful and reminiscent of the happy days of childhood, paper straws are a playful addition to a wedding, shower, or party.  They come in a variety of solids and patterns (the stripes are my favorite) which makes incorporating wedding/party colors a snap!  The straws are adorable alone, but can also be dressed up with little tags and paper embellishments.  Tags can be personalized with the Bride and Groom's or guest of honor's name(s) or initials, wedding date or favorite quote.  Since they are made of paper, a simple dab of glue can adhere almost any paper decoration to the straw.  Perfect for the DIY bride or hostess!

Photo courtesy of Koyal Wholesale

Using various types of glassware from champagne glasses, to shot glasses to glass bottles, these paper straws add individuality and are a great way to serve signature cocktails!

Photo courtesy of Pizzazzerie

Photo courtesy of Heart Love Weddings

Photo courtesy of Ashleigh Taylor Photography

We love placing the paper straws in mason jars, it's just a darling accent - so rustic yet chic!

Photo courtesy of Musings of a Mrs.

Photo courtesy of Thoughtfully Simple

Photo courtesy of Modern Palm blog

Photo courtesy of Love and Lavender

Using a neutral color like gray makes the look both elegant yet playful.

Photo courtesy of Meredith Perdue

What a great way to gussy up a late night snack of milk and cookies!
Photo courtesy of One Single Voice

Vintage paper straws are even cool for the guys, when filled with a manly cocktail of course!

Photo courtesy of Once Wed

Photo courtesy of 100 Layer Cake

And just for fun...

Photo courtesy of Etsy shop Little Retreats

The possibilities are endless...

xoxo, Star

Photo courtesy of Etsy shop Loralee Lewis