Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Star's Inspirations: Jumping For Joy (literally)!

I'm a huge fan of jumping photos and like to take them quite often (to my husbands dismay).  I think they encompass so much: happiness, excitement, adventure... and they always get everyone in the picture laughing before, during and after the photo is taken!  Although it can be difficult to get the perfect shot, especially when multiple people are in the picture, it makes for a priceless photo when you get it just right (as the below photographers have done).

The below photos are a real testament of the pure joy experienced by all of the people in the pictures the moment these photos were taken.  If these photos of people literally jumping for joy on their big day doesn't bring a smile to your face, I don't know what will!

Photos courtesy of Image Works Photography

Photo courtesy of Ravenberg Photography

Photo courtesy of Jumping in Art Museums

Photo courtesy of Jocelyn Brown Photography

Photo courtesy of JB Events Blog

Photo courtesy of United With Love

Photo courtesy of Wow Glowing Bride

Photo courtesy of Apartment 34

Check out some of our favorite Sterling Engagements jump shots over time....

Stephanie and Darren as she jumps for joy right after their ceremony.  They were such a fun couple!

Photo courtesy of Ryan Phillips Photography

Kim and Marcus and Co. pose right outside their church in front of the Beverly Hills sign.  Such a fun group! 

Photo courtesy of Danielle Klebanow Photography 

Daniela and Scott jumping high at Bacara Resort and Spa, shortly after their first look.

Photo courtesy of Chris Schmitt Photography


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