Thursday, February 23, 2012

Bold, Chic, and in Love: All Things Tie

We all know that so much of the big day is all about the bride. However, there is no harm in making sure that at all times and events your groom looks perfectly put together too! Put together means details, so lets start with the basics. Whether it be your engagement party, telling your parents the big news or the rehearsal dinner, let's make sure he always has the perfect tie.

Spring is coming quickly, and if you live in Los Angeles or are planning a Los Angeles Wedding it is basically spring weather year around. Here are some great, colorful ties and bow ties that are perfect for your man this season.

Photos Courtesy of Brooks Brothers, The Tie Bar, Barneys, Bloomingdales, J. Crew and Nordstroms.

1- Bow Tie from Brooks Brothers
This bow tie is pretty safe and standard. It comes in different colors that can be a little more daring, but it is a great classic choice.

2-  One Inch Matte Tie Bar from The Tie Bar 
The tie bar is a must have for your groom. They really complete the look and show attention to detail. This specific one is better for a skinny tie, as it is one inch and you never want to have at tie bar that is longer than the width of your tie.
**The rule with tie bars is that you clip them  in between the third and fourth button of your shirt.

3- Macartney Stripe-Linen Cotton Tie from J. Crew 
This tie is so fun! It comes in a pretty green, blue and this red. Really adds a pop of color, even if you are to wear it with a simple white button up.

4- Butterfly Knit Bow from Brooks Brothers
This is such a beautiful green, your man will look absolutely stunning in it! It is a bold choice, so make sure you wear something bold too!

5- Paul Smith Moon Dot Tie from Bloomingdale's
What is more fun than polka dots? I love how they add the perfect amount of fun to an otherwise very simple tie.

6- Silver Shot 1 1/2 inch tie bar from The Tie Bar 
 This tie bar is better for your wider tie. One of the great things about The Tie Bar is that it is so affordable! These tie bars are only $15 and ship out the next day. GQ swears by The Tie Bar, you can find them in every months magazine.

7- Dot Bow Tie from Brooks Brothers 
This red pops so much, which pairs well with the subtle polka dots. Another very bold choice.

8- Michael Kors Stripe Silk Tie from Nordstroms 
This tie is probably the most classic choice so far, but still leaves room for fun! I am convinced that lavender is the perfect color to compliment anyone and everyone. Plus, its a very beautiful choice for spring.  

9- Barneys Tie Bar
This tie bar is a little more fun and edgy than the normal, simple silver one. I enjoy the style. It can either add a little to a solid colored tie or funk up a already colorful and bold tie.

You may notice that none of these bow ties are clip-on. That is because it is very important that every man learns how to tie one themselves! Here is a video GQ did with Swizz Beats on how to tie your own bow tie.  I just love it and think you will too!

Video courtesy of GQ

Remember to have fun looking great, and of course let me know if you ever have any style questions!


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