Thursday, February 16, 2012

Bold, Chic and in Love: Engagement Party Dress

Being that it is a few days after Valentines day, I know we have some extremely newly engaged brides visiting the blog. So congratulations and welcome, I'm so happy to share my first official post of "Bold, Chic and In Love" with you!

One of the very first events that you and your fiancé often attend is your engagement party,  so today, I'm going to make choosing your outfit one of the easier decision you'll have to make!

Whether your party is formal or casual, you will  absolutely be the most beautiful girl there. So go all the way!  Depending on your budget, age, style, and body type, I have quite a few suggestions for you to view.

Photo Courtesy of ASOS, Bloomingdales and HM

1- Pencil Dress from ASOS
This pencil dress is a very classy dress that comes in black and red. It is a fitted and flattering dress. The simpleness and cut makes it a very subtle, sexy dress. You can dress it up with a skinny belt, a color pop shoe and clutch. Or you can keep it classy with a black pump and maybe some pearl bracelets. 

2- Chiffon Dress from HM
This dress is only $50. It comes in a dark gray and this burnt orange. It is flattering cut that shows a little more skin than the pencil dress, but is still modest in its cut. You can do a skinny belt and fun statement necklace with this dress, or keep it simple like the photo.

3- Tulip Dress from ASOS
The cowl neck dress comes in black, rose, and this red. It is a very flattering cut, as it pulls in at most peoples thinnest part of their waist, and then flows over the curvier areas. Again, you can dress it up with bracelets and fun heels, or keep it simple with a nude pump. I would not wear a necklace with this dress.

4- Belted Bailey Dress from Kate Spade
Oh how I love this dress, and really all things Kate Spade. Such a classic designer. This dress is appropriate for a range of ages. I would recommend wearing it exactly as it is styled- I love the necklace, hair, heels. Perfection. The belt is removable, so you can use it to flatter your shape or take it off.

5- Sequin Bandeau Dress from ASOS
This dress is for the younger, fashion forward bride. It is a beautiful color, cut, and the pretty gold sequins will make you hard to miss. For accessorizing the dress, I would stick to bracelets and either a nude pump OR if you can find sparkly shoes to match the sparkles on the dress... I would absolutely rock it.

6- Sonja Dress from Kate Spade
This dress is also appropriate for a range of ages. The cut is very simple and classy, and it is flattering as well. Again, Kate Spade knows hers styling so you can absolutely wear it just like in the photo. Or, if you want to funk it up add color in the necklace, belt, heels, clutch. Wear your hair down. Have fun with this one, it is a beautiful canvas to play with.

Hopefully these tips are helpful in getting you to be the best dressed woman at your party. Enjoy!

Being that I have my own fashion blog that gives advice for everyday style to men and woman, Each post I'll be giving a weekly update of what I am up to at  The Fashion One.

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