Thursday, February 09, 2012

Sterling Buzz: Hello from Jocelyn, Sterling's newest blogger!

--> Hello everyone! My name is Jocelyn Garrity and I have worked with Sterling Engagements since October 2010. I began working events with Sterling as an intern and worked myself up to production assistant and now I've started the year off officially as a staff team member. Since I initially began working onsite at events, I’m very excited to also be working in the office. One of the many things that I will be contributing to the Sterling blog and team is sharing my fashion sense, knowledge, and styling experience with you all!

I have been into fashion since I first was given the chance to dress myself when I was three. The last few years I have juggled finishing school, working weddings, and being a stylist. I have assisted many celebrity stylists with commercials, red carpet, editorial shoots, and anything else you can imagine. I have worked with the best of the best when it comes to celebrity stylists. Other than assisting, I am also a personal makeover stylist. Which means I go through my clients wardrobe and help them get rid of the bad and learn how to absolutely rock all of the clothes that they have! I am huge on flattering your body type, so that is always the number one goal. And if desired, I love going shopping and helping to add to or recreate an entire new wardrobe. I also have my own fashion blog, The Fashion One.

Here are some behind the scenes photos from a shoot I styled last week:

I did this photoshoot with Anjelah  Johnson for her website:

This is an example of a personal makeover I recently did:

I have been working weddings for a few years and I cannot express how much fun it is! I love the energy and even stress of the day. I think it is beautiful that we get to participate in creating one of the most beautiful days in someone’s life. It is such a meaningful day for each couple, and thus a meaningful job.

I am extremely excited about the opportunity to merge my passions, weddings and fashion. I will be covering all outfits you can imagine needing from the moment you get that gorgeous ring on your finger to the moment you say ‘I do.’ Don’t worry gentleman, I will make sure you know exactly how to look as dapper as possible. And lets not forget the bridal party!

If you have any questions or requests, feel free to email me at I want to make sure you walk into every party and especially the big day as confident in your beautiful self as possible. Look for my first post in the next week!

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