Sunday, February 05, 2012

Shoe Shot Sunday: Super Bowl Edition!!!

I'm so excited for today's post as it's not a typical shoe shot day.  Today is the Super Bowl and we are huge Giants fans over here so when your team makes it, it's kind of a big deal! 

 Photo courtesy of Phandroid

In honor of the Giants, today's post will be dedicated to all the uniquely cute items you can incorporate into your day.  Whether your a big sport's fan or your hubby to be is and you want to surprise him with a sweet detail incorporating his big team! 

Now it's tough to find a heel that screams go Giants but there are plenty of awesome socks for men and women.  So you could sleep in a pair or gift him with a pair for him to wear on his big day. 

  Photos courtesy of Vermont Shopping

Or how great would these be to get ready in?  I just adore these!  If all your maids are sports fan who cute would it to get them each their favorite team!
 Photo courtesy of Fan's Edge

 Now if socks or flops is a bit too much for you how about sporting your team with your getting ready bag?  How cute is this bag and better yet it's pink plus proceeds go to the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation. 

 Photo courtesy of Reusable Shopping Bags

Last but not least Etsy always has amazing garters you can customize to your liking.  What's neat about this is your fiance would not have a clue until he's taking it off as your husband!  Plus they always give you a toss garter so you'll have it as a keepsake! 

 Photo courtesy of Etsy

Speaking of custom, if you really want to go personal.  Contact Figgie Shoes.  Have your heels for the day hand painted and made especially for you with lots of love and personal details!

Happy Super Bowl and Go Giants Go!

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