Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Star's Favorite Things: The Getaway Car

A "Getaway Car" is the vehicle used to transport a Bride and Groom from their wedding to their next destination, whether it be their honeymoon, their hotel, or to an after party.  A decorated Getaway Car makes for great photos and is such a sweet way to end a wedding.

I just love the idea of a Bride and Groom ending thier wedding by climbing into a beautifully decorated, luxurious car and driving off into the night excited to embark on their new life as Husband and Wife.  It stirs up feelings of excitement, romance and possiblities... I am swooning just thinking about it!  My husband and I were lucky enough to exit our wedding in a classic Rolls Royce.  The drive from our wedding venue to our hotel was filled with kisses and talks of our dreams and what our future would hold.  It was the perfect way it was to end the night!

Photo courtesy of Style Me Pretty

The decor doesn't have to be fancy... a simple "Just Married" sign may be perfect!  There are loads of them available on Etsy.  Below are a few beautifully decorated Getaway Cars.  Just a bit of inspiration for you :)
Photo 1: Courtesy of Love & Stuff  
Photo 2: Courtesy of Martha Stewart Weddings
Photo 3: Courtesy of Pinterest
Photo 4: Courtesy of Martha Stewart Weddings

Love this personal twist on the classic tradition of tying tin cans to the newly married couple's car.  What a fun, and super easy DIY project for Bridesmaids.

Photo courtesy of Queens Land Brides

And don't forget, what happens in the Getaway Car, stays in the Getaway Car...

Photo courtesy of Martha Stewart Weddings

XOXO,  Star

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Shoe Shot Sunday: Sandra + Matt

Sandra and Matt were married at the historic Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel yesterday!  They happen to be close friends and planned an intimate wedding for their closest friends and family.  My husband was the Best Man and has been best friends with the groom for over 18 years thus this one hits close to home.

I'm super thrilled to share some stunning shoe shots with you today thanks to the lightening fast turnaround of Becca Rillo Photography.  Becca went above and beyond and I'm so grateful she was there to document all of the special moments throughout Sandra and Matt's big day.

Here are a handful of my favorites... there were so many awesome one's!

And we can't forget the groom's shoes!  All the men dressed up in black converse to go with the personality of the day.  So stylish!

Or the stylish maids in leopard print chunky heels!  So much fun!   

 All photos courtesy of Becca Rillo Photography

Happy Feet!  Plus a big warm congrats to the happy couple!  Wishing them nothing but the best on their new journey together as husband and wife.

Here's one last image, a favorite of mine from the day so you can see just how dapper they all looked from the toes up!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

DIY With Star: Glass Etching

I recently discovered the wonderful world of glass etching and can't wait to share it with you! Glass etching is unbelievably easy and surprisingly fast.  It is done using a stencil with an adhesive back and Armour Etch, a fast acting glass etching solution that allows you to create permanently etched designs on glass items such as mirrors, windows, and household glassware.  This stuff is pretty amazing!  I was unsure if my finished product would compare to the professionally etched products I've seen at high end home retailers like William Sonoma, but I was pleasantly surprised with the outcome.  I think the quality of the wine glass I etched is comparable.  I had considered ordering monogrammed wine glasses when my husband and I got married, but decided against it due to the high price tag ($50 for a set of two).  Now I plan to purchase a set of inexpensive wine glasses and create my own monogrammed glasses for a fraction of the price!

What I love about glass etching is that it allows you to make use of the odd glass, candle holder, or dish sitting around your home (now I can actually do something with all of the wine glasses I've collected from wine tasting over the years that are just sitting in my garage)!  I also love that there are very few supplies required to complete this project.


-Contact paper or vinyl
-A small paint brush
-Armour Etch (I purchased mine from Amazon, but I'm sure it is available at your local craft store)
-A glass item (I used an old wine glass)
-A stencil with an adhesive back*  (I used an "H" for my last name, "Hansen")
*I used my Cricut (an electronic craft cutter) to cut my images but if you don't have one you can trace an image on the contact paper or vinyl and cut it out with an exacto/utility knife.  If you don't have an electronic cutter, I'd be happy to direct you to my Etsy shop where you can purchase a custom adhesive back stencil.  The negative space on the stencil is where the etching will occur.

1. Peel away the adhesive backing and stick it to the glass.  Notice, the negative space is where the etching will occur.
2.  Press the stencil down firmly to remove any air bubbles.
3.  Paint a thick, even layer of Armour Etch on the negative space of the stencil.
4.  Ensure it is covered evenly and leave on for approximately 10 minutes.  Make sure it doesn't drip off the side of the stencil as the Armour Etch will etch any drips as well.
5.  After approximately 10 minutes, was the Armour Etch off with water (leaving the stencil attached).  Once all of the Armour Etch is rinsed off, remove the stencil and wash the item with soap and water.


I'm not sure that my photography does this beautiful glass justice!  Keep in mind, this etching is permanent and can't be washed off, so etch carefully :)  I had so much fun making this glass I searched my house for other glassware I could etch.
I'm planning to pare this etched Mr. & Mrs. wine glass set with a delicious bottle of wine for my newly engaged friends.

You could etch "Mr"/"Mrs" or "I Do"/"Me Too" on Champagne flutes and use them at your wedding.  They would be beautiful one-of-a-kind keepsakes and they cost much less than the designer ones people often register for.  If you and your fiance are not big Champagne or wine drinkers, try etching on cocktail glasses, martini glasses or even beer mugs.  It would also be cute to etch "Husband"/"Wife" on glass coffee mugs that can be used by the happy couple the morning after their wedding.
I etched "Mocktail" on a glass for my pregnant friend who often mixes sparkling water with juice when people around her are drinking cocktails.  Now she will have her own special glass and won't have to feel left out!  By the way, isn't the font adorable?!
I etched our last name on one of my baking dishes... I may have to do this with my whole set of glass bakeware!

You could etch a set of bakeware or mixing bowls with a couple's last name and give it to them (along with your favorite recipe) as a wedding or shower gift.  It would also be cute to etch "flour", "sugar", etc. on glass canisters!

Think of the great personalized gifts you could make!  What will you etch?!

Happy Crafting,


Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Always Remember and Never Forget...

11 years ago today... 

Where were you?  What were you doing?  I can remember the very moment I got the call and how it changed all of our lives forever...

Photo courtesy of The Huffington Post

Take a moment to acknowledge those you love today and then do it again...  

“Promise me you’ll always remember: You’re braver than you believe, and stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think.” - A. A. Milne Quotes, Winnie the Pooh

Monday, September 10, 2012

Featured Wedding: Stephanie + Darren at Greystone Mansion and The SLS Hotel

A year ago today Stephanie and Darren said I do at the ever so gorgeous Greystone Mansion!  After the vows, we transported guests back to the chic SLS Hotel where they ate, drank and were merry in celebration to the wee hours of the morning.  I don't know where the time has gone but this wedding was filled with fun, incredible details and warm fall colors. 

Stephanie had a true vision and we were so grateful to have the opportunity to work with her and Darren and plan their big day. I've actually known Stephanie and her family for years, as we went to the same high school for a brief time and her brother Ryan was in my class.  I always love working with clients that are connected to us somehow and this wedding was clearly no exception to that as we went back almost 15 years! 

Together Stephanie and Darren are fun, playful, uber cool, stylish and just the right amount of silly.  They have stellar taste, amazing parents and love to a last a lifetime.  This wedding was challenging for me to blog because I seriously love every photo more than the next, Ryan Phillips you killed it!

So... without further adieu!    

 I absolutely adore their rings!  Darren's ring was so masculine but so intricate and Stephanie's have a timeless appeal that just fits perfectly!

 And of course the sparkly shoes that I did a shoe shot post on the very weekend they got hitched! 

I absolutely loved all of the ladies hairs, but especially Stephanie's hair!  It was so sweet, romantic with just the right amount of whimsy!  Denise and her team at Nine|Zero|One Salon exceeded expectations! As did the amazing beauty team at Fiore Beauty do like always with everyone's makeup!


 Steph and I share a love for amazing energy drinks too, so of course I had to put this fun shot in! =)

Shawna Yamamoto Event Design did such a killer job with each detail of the floral design and more but these bouts and bouquets were some of my all time faves!  So much texture and pops of color.  They just burst out at you...  

How cute are these cuff links too.  Details were seamlessly spread with love throughout the entire wedding and many were purchased straight from Etsy.  

I loved their first look.  It was so sweet and so picturesque and well... so fun!  Check out the same day edit below via Imagique Weddings to see what I mean!

These maids bouquet are a texture lovers heaven.  Everything from the callas and cymbidum orchids down to the pin cushions and monkey's tail.  Shawna even incorporated a couple succulents!  So swoon worthy!  And you can't forget the fun parasols below either! 

One of my all time favorite details were the topiary monogram letters below!  They reached a total of 7-feet tall and we managed to use them for the ceremony and then repurpose them later for the reception by the candy station too!  So fun!  Details truly were every where for their wedding not just with the big items like the topiary letters but also some of the smaller things like napkins, lemonade and programs! 


Their ceremony site  was gorgeous!  I love the romance of Greystone Mansion and while they only opted to do their ceremony here it was fantastic to have access to the whole site for photos. 

This design was incorporated in their invitations by Urbanic and subtly throughout the night, so we have course had to play it up at their cocktail hour as well. 

From a special 9-10-11 beer to a custom liquid nitro cart making delicious cocktails and avocado cotton candy!  Cocktail hour was the happenin' place to be!

This wideshot of the room is one of my all time favorites.  It perfectly details the ballroom too!  Modern yet a bit enchanted and filled with warmth!   

The Happy Couple had their own stage setup to hang at during various parts of the reception too, this was so fun and came out so well!  I love the burnt orange stage cover as well as the patterns on the backdrop.  This is always a fun addition as there are so many moments your caught on camera throughout the night why not make your backdrop a chic setting to sit at and truly relish your surroundings as you listen to speeches and more!

We also had little lounge pockets by the dance floor and the bar, this was so fun for those that wanted to sit back and engage or just take a dancing breather. 

Here's another room shot with a different set of lighting to modify the ambiance a bit... It's amazing what a simple modification of the settings can do right?


I loved the Mahler Carmel Apple favors and the little Etsy charm affixed with the custom ribbon.  So special and of course delish!


All night are bride + groom, bridal party and families were having a blast!  I love this photo because it truly captures that!  

Stephanie and Darren love candy but not just any candy, specifically gummy's!  So we created a candy bar filled with gummy bears, gummy worms, gummy lobsters, gummy penguins, gummy dino's and more!  It was amazing and guests just ate it up, literally!

S + D also had years and years of incredible history together, it was highlighted by fun facts about them, what they like to do and more.  We randomly scattered them throughout the reception and these were so fun for guests to enjoy and learn about throughout the night.  And of course eat custom chocolates as they did...

This is one of my favorite signs of all time.  I suggested making a cake menu but Steph took it to a whole new level and had her fun flair to it!  So sweet!


Vanilla Bake Shop made a super modern and fun play off of the different colored and sized dots from their invitation! 

After the cake was cut guests gathered round for a same day edit by Imagique Weddings.  This was an extra special one because it documented not only the big day but also, the rehearsal from the night before which was also super magical!

Here's a sneak peek from that!

And last but not least... a shared kiss post viewing!  

Such a special day and so nice to go back in time 1 year to the date and highlight all of the special details from it!  Of course it could not go off without the amazing team of vendors!

Wedding Production Team Love 
Accommodations: SLS Hotel
Cake:  Vanilla Bake Shop
Ceremony Music:  Espi Music
Ceremony Venue:  Greystone Mansion
DJ:  DJ Nahchey of Dash Entertainment 
Event Design and Production:  Sterling Engagements
Favors:  Mahler Carmel Apples
Floral Design:  Shawna Yamamoto Event Design
Hair:  Denise Bolanowski for Nine|Zero|One Salon
Lighting: Rick Barton for Kinetic Lighting
Limo Transportation:  Crown Limo
Linens:  Designer Specialty Linens
Makeup Team:  Fiore Beauty
Officiant:  Rabbi Steven Jacobs
Photography:  Ryan Phillips Photography
Photo Booth:  DG Event
Reception Venue:  SLS Hotel
Videographer:  Imagique Weddings
Wedding Invitations:  Urbanic

Happy Anniversary Stephanie and Darren, miss you guys!