Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Star's Favorite Things: The Getaway Car

A "Getaway Car" is the vehicle used to transport a Bride and Groom from their wedding to their next destination, whether it be their honeymoon, their hotel, or to an after party.  A decorated Getaway Car makes for great photos and is such a sweet way to end a wedding.

I just love the idea of a Bride and Groom ending thier wedding by climbing into a beautifully decorated, luxurious car and driving off into the night excited to embark on their new life as Husband and Wife.  It stirs up feelings of excitement, romance and possiblities... I am swooning just thinking about it!  My husband and I were lucky enough to exit our wedding in a classic Rolls Royce.  The drive from our wedding venue to our hotel was filled with kisses and talks of our dreams and what our future would hold.  It was the perfect way it was to end the night!

Photo courtesy of Style Me Pretty

The decor doesn't have to be fancy... a simple "Just Married" sign may be perfect!  There are loads of them available on Etsy.  Below are a few beautifully decorated Getaway Cars.  Just a bit of inspiration for you :)
Photo 1: Courtesy of Love & Stuff  
Photo 2: Courtesy of Martha Stewart Weddings
Photo 3: Courtesy of Pinterest
Photo 4: Courtesy of Martha Stewart Weddings

Love this personal twist on the classic tradition of tying tin cans to the newly married couple's car.  What a fun, and super easy DIY project for Bridesmaids.

Photo courtesy of Queens Land Brides

And don't forget, what happens in the Getaway Car, stays in the Getaway Car...

Photo courtesy of Martha Stewart Weddings

XOXO,  Star

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