Monday, July 20, 2009

My Fave Mondays: Fantasy Frostings

Something to appreciate about Leslie Maynor and Fantasy Frostings is her passion and desire to make a dessert and not just the wedding cake. So often we find clients interested in doing dessert bars, candy bars, a dessert within their coursed meal, cupcakes etc... While these are all delicious, the one thing these items happen to do is take away from that fabulous wedding cake! What we love most about Leslie and her team at Fantasy Frostings is they make beautiful cakes that taste just as decadent as they look! This is why they are our favorite pick this week.

Fantasy Frostings is a family owned and operated business on the West Coast, opened by Joyce Maynor 30 years ago. While they do bake up whatever you wish to order, they definitely specialize in Wedding Cakes. They understand that an unforgettable cake is essential to any wonderful event. It embodies all the elements of style, beauty, and taste that a party represents.

Their attention to detail, outstanding customer service, and unmistakable taste have earned Fantasy Frostings recognition from some of the nations most prestigious food, wedding, and lifestyle magazines including:
● In Style
● InStyle Weddings
● Bride’s Magazine
● Los Angeles Times Magazine
● Elegant Bride
● Los Angeles Magazine
● People
● Modern Bride
● Angeles Magazine
● Grace Ormonde Wedding Style 2003

Numerous wedding books have also highlighted Fantasy Frostings’ cakes including:
● Weddings a Celebration - Beverly Clark
● Town & Country - Elegant Weddings
● Here Comes the Guide - Wedding and Reception Sites

The Fantasy Frostings Menu includes the following...
We love the Chocolate Fudge Surprise and Marble Chip!

White Satin
A moist, luscious, old fashioned white cake sprinkled gently with Grand Marnier and filled with layers of white chocolate mousse and shaved dark chocolate alternating with Raspberries on a bed of whipped crème.

Chocolate Fudge Surprise
Dense, Dark Chocolate layers glorified with hand beaten fudge, dark chocolate mousse and a rich layer of ganache with crushed English toffee. Our tribute to all world class chocolate lovers.

Lemon Squeeze
A sunny lemon pound cake enhanced with a perky lemon sauce and filled with a tart English Lemon Curd alternating with tangy lemonade mousse for a great taste sensation.

Banana Walnut
A rich cake batter laden with fresh bananas and walnuts, lightly spiced and filled with fresh bananas and whipped cream or if you prefer a soft banana cream.

New Orleans Spice
A soft, lightly textured cake generously flavored with cinnamon, nutmeg, and cloves with a gentle splash of brandy before baking. A soft cream mousse is the favored filling.

14 Karat
Pineapple, walnuts, cinnamon, and carrots make this a heavy favorite. Cream cheese frosting is the popular choice but for a change of pace we suggest our thick apricot filling.

Red Velvet
A light chocolate cake flavor with a deep red color create a unique dessert, filled with a cream cheese frosting or cream mousse is favored as the grooms cake in many southern states.

Marble Chip
Swirls of white and chocolate cake gracefully mingle together. Sliced bananas folded into a rich chocolate mousse, alternating with fudge complete this dessert.

Here's a peak at Kendra Wilkinson's cake which Fantasy Frostings designed for her wedding last month. Photo Courtesy of The Bridal Bar.

Happy Tasting

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  1. ok, this just makes me want to get married all over again. magnificient cakes :)