Monday, April 20, 2009

Romancing the Storm

The expression through thick and thin cannot even begin to describe the experience I just found out about today from my good friend and amazing wedding photographer Candice Cunningham.

Romancing the Storm is a brand new concept she created taking one real couple on the journey of a lifetime. Candice has put together an award winning celebrity photographer and documentary team to create the ultimate experience. Together with a storm chaser, the team will travel to Tornado Valley and design the ultimate extreme bridal fashion shoot with Tornadoes as their backdrop.

My only question is who will achieve the intense dramatic presence more on the shoot, the passionate couple in love or the out of control tornadoes in the sky? Only time will tell when this exciting shoot debuts...

Stay tuned for more details to come. In the meantime here are the most up to date details from the Romancing the Storm website.

"This year, a celebrity Photography and Documentary Team will join this frenzy to give away the ultimate “Bridal Fashion Photo Shoot” . . . in Tornado Alley at the peak of the severe weather season.

Candice Cunningham, nationally-recognized wedding photographer and innovator of the “camera slinger,” the world’s first double camera strap, is teaming up with famous celebrity wedding photographer Robert Evans and multiple award-winning director and television producer Curt Apanovich, who will bring their expertise and artistic touch to this spectacular endeavor. Robert and Curt will tell the story of the chase through their website

The team will be led by storm chaser and documentary film producer Jared Aicher, whose experience will safely lead the party into the heart of nature’s fury to get the perfect shot. Jared will also be documenting this challenging expedition through his website:

Every member of this incredible team will work together with one lucky couple, and the unpredictable weather, to create the ultimate “Bridal Fashion Shoot” and literally Romance a Storm. The team will capture the shoot with raw photography footage in the midst of chaos, and it all will be documented in High-Definition video. "

Happy Storming!

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