Sunday, July 18, 2010

Shoe Shot Sunday: Danielle + Glenn

It's no surprise that we've been crushing hard lately over Natalie Moser and her creatively unique style. Her photography has a certain flare that just leaves you wanting more. We skimmed through pages and pages of her awesome blog and this was one of our favorite shoe shots to feature! But something tells me we'll be posting more to come, as her brides tend to have great taste in not only selecting their photographer but also their shoes!

Check out these incredible shoe shots from Danielle and Glenn's special day! Danielle's entire ensemble is just breathtaking!

Glenn has great taste in shoes too!

Their entire bridal party played the part too, it looked like they were all really just having an amazing time!

We had to include this final picture too! While it's more Bride + Groom then the shoes, it does shows them and this couple was too adorable in this image not to show it!

Happy Feet!

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