Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Too sweet not to share: An iPhone Proposal

Every now and then we come across something too sweet not to share. This morning it was this video...

Now as most of you know iPhone's are one of the hottest things in technology right now. Being die hard blackberry fans, we still had to share this as more than ever you see iPhone's being used so frequently with regard to a wedding. We see Best Men using them to give their speeches, Brides using apps to keep track of their planning and now, a proposal!

This video was too creative not to share. One of the most special parts of a proposal is your fiance coming up with the idea, the moment, the story of how he asks you to be his wife. We love that story and love when our grooms go that extra mile to really create something extraordinary. Hope you enjoyed this one as much as we did...

Happy Day!

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  1. That's amazing. And another reason why iPhones are awesome (no offense, Blackberry).