Monday, March 25, 2013

Bling Wipes - Where Have These Been All Our Lives?!

We hope you are all having a great start to your week.  Today we want to share with you something that might make your Monday a little... sparklier!  Bling Wipes!  This amazing new product was created by a husband and wife team for those moments when you are on the go and notice that your bling isn't as blingy as it could be.  Bling Wipes are individually packaged, lint free, disposable towelettes that are perfect for convenient on the go jewelry cleaning.  Their unique solution restores jewelry's natural brilliance by removing oil, make-up, lotion and other residue.

Isn't the retro packaging just so cute?!
These are the perfect gift for a bride to be or just about anyone who likes to wear diamonds and prefers that when they do, they sparkle like they should!  These wipes don't just work on diamonds, they also work wonders on gold, silver, gemstones and even men's watches (although they are not intended for use on emeralds or pearls).  They can be purchased on the Bling Wipes' website.  A pack of ten individual wipes costs $12.00.  We are not affiliated with Bling Wipes, we just love this product!

Photos courtesy of Bling Wipes


The Sterling Team

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