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Social Media and Your Wedding

Social Media is continuing to takeover the world wide web of a world we live in.  It's amazing to think where the social media world was even just a few years back and compare it to where it is today.  It often could take at least a weekend-- sometimes a few weeks or even longer, for word to travel of a couple's wedding and all of the details that went along with it.  Today, it's all accessible at your fingertips within moments and the best part is, you oftentimes get pictures too!!!    

According to Mashable, about one in ten brides update their Facebook relationship status within minutes of saying "Yes", and nearly one in three (31%) do so within hours of getting engaged.  It seems everyone is using social media to stay connected and share information about exciting life events with others.  Whether you love it or hate it, social media is here to stay and offers a unique way to connect with your guests.

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About 62% of brides like when their guests immediately post photos from their wedding onto various social media sites (according to Mashable).  If you do fall into this category, we suggest you create a hashtag to your event (e.g. #amenaandbrandonsayido #johnandcarrieswedding #bebowedding).  Share it with your guests and ask them to include it after any photos they post from your wedding.  This will provide you with the opportunity to view your wedding from various angles and see all of the unique and fun experiences your guests had while celebrating with you.  The best part about it is that it is free!  Check out these fun ways to share your hashtag with your guests:  

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If you like the idea of collecting photos from your guests but would prefer they not be shared via social media, consider using a company such as Wedding Snap or Photo Opp which provides a platform for couples to collect wedding photos and videos from their guests.  Guests can capture, store and instantly share their unique wedding photos in one central, password protected location.  This is a great option for guests that prefer not to use social media or don't understand the whole "hashtag" thing.  

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Although some couples encourage their guests to immediately post photos from their wedding onto various social media sites, if you are unsure, we suggest that guests hold off until the newlyweds have had the opportunity to post their photos first.  If you are a more private couple that would prefer not to share photos from your wedding with the entire world, consider posting a simple sign like this at your wedding:

We just had to share this fun gift idea with you.  It is perfect for the social media/Facebook loving couple!

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What do you think about social media and your wedding?  Will you or have you developed your hashtag?  If so, what is or would it be?  We want to know, share with us, by commenting below!

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