Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Color Trends Part Two - Our Predictions for 2014

We hope you enjoyed our tribute to 2013's Pantone color of the year.  We have truly been inspired by emerald and look forward to seeing it used throughout the remainder of the year.  With 2014 right around the corner, we'd like to turn our attention to next year's newly predicted color trends.  No one can know what the future will bring, but we've taken a stab at what we expect to see in the color world for the coming year.

As far as weddings go, pastels are here to stay; however, we expect to see more brights and metallics continue to be added to the mix in 2014.  Over the past few years, many of our couples have decided to incorporate bold colors (both solids and patterns) into their wedding decor and we expect to see that increase over the next few years.  Jewel tones have been very popular over the past few years and we expect this trend to continue.  In 2014, we believe couples will continue to think outside the box and use vivid hues mixed in with the more traditional pastel wedding colors.

Pantone hasn't named the 2014 color of the year, but they have given us a few ideas. According to their Fashion Report from the recent NY Fall Fashion Week, ten colors have been identified as most prevalent in designers' current collections.  They are a mix of neutrals, pastels and exotic brights.

If you go to their website, you can vote for your favorite!

Neutrals are timeless and will always be appropriate at weddings; however, we are constantly finding ways to reinvent the neutral palette by adding bold or even subtle contrasts to it.  This year we did so with mint and various hues of blue, with blush and mixed metallics, and with cream with pops of fushia and fun prints.  We expect this to continue in 2014.  A few of the Sterling Engagements Team Members decided to make a few predictions of what they expect to see in 2014.  Here they are!

Predictions From our Team...

Alexandra Rembac, Principal & Creative Director: "I'm thinking Cayenne.  It's bold, exciting, completely interchangeable with a broad variety of other color hues and I can already see myself pairing it with certain weddings we are designing for 2014!"

Ana Vargas, Office & Production Manager: "I'm absolutely in love with Dazzling Blue.  Although I agree that Pastels are here to stay in the wedding world, I also see couples adding splashes of bright colors to make their color schemes pop.  This Dazzling Blue can complement all pastels, both in wedding decor and in our closets and I can already see it used along with softer choices."

Star Hansen, Director of Wedding Planning & Sr. Associate Planner: I believe Violet Tulip is going to be the color we see most of in 2014.  It is such a stunning shade of purple... bolder than lavender, but not over the top.  I see our couples pairing it with various shades of purple and combining it with traditional wedding neutrals.

What color do you think we will see the most of in 2014?

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  1. For me, I will go on for multicolors. I would love the rainbow or striped color of the special occasion dresses women.