Friday, April 16, 2010

Festive Fridays: Colorful Soda Bars!

Since specialized bars and buffets have been so hot over the past couple years, we thought this weeks Festive Friday would pay homage to a beverage specialty bar.

Photo Courtesy of Project Wedding

Add a little extra color to your special day with a festive themed soda bar. Whether you go vintage with old vintage flavors like cream soda or go modern with fruity concoctions like the Izze brand of soda's either route is sure to sip deliciously.

In addition you can go as far as designing it with specific colors or even favorite flavors. However you choose to theme it, this is one specialty bar guests will be sure to love!

Photo Courtesy of Oh Happy Day!

Fun Straws are always a cute addition as well! Or even Love Knot Straws.

Happy Sipping!

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