Friday, August 27, 2010

Festive Fridays: Fun and Colorful Bouquets to Brighten your Day!

This week we wanted to focus on something festive with flowers. As we began searching for some inspiration, we came across this amazing yellow bouquet! It's so happy and feminine, we just love it! After knowing we had to include this in our post, we decided that today's Festive Friday will be all about bouquets and the magic color brings to them!

Photo Courtesy of Wedding Flowers

One of our favorite color combinations is whites with greens. There is something so fresh and clean about them together yet at the same time whimsical and garden like. This next bouquet combines succulents with green cymbidum orchids for the green element and then uses white calla's for the white elegant contrast. This is one of the prettiest, yet still colorful and fun bouquets! Adore it!

Photo Courtesy of Santa Barbara Chic Blog

This pink bouquet is sweet! We love the texture and the combination of pinks used to make them all pop. It's festive and vivid and still very bridal.

Photo Courtesy of Flower Arrangement Adviser

Sunflowers are one of our most favorite flowers. Sometimes just looking at them brings happiness. They are so bright and vibrant plus BIG!

Photo Courtesy of Delightful Wedding Flowers and Decor

In May we designed a peacock inspired wedding. While our images are not back just yet, this bouquet represents the colors we were inspired by. They were so well together and are bold! Completely pops in photographs, stay tuned for the feature of our peacock inspired wedding!

Photo Courtesy of Black Door Floral

Happy Bouquet Friday!

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