Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Words of Wisdom Wednesday: The Importance of Videography

Cinematography happens to be one of our favorite elements from a wedding. While a picture is worth a thousand words, there is nothing more powerful or emotionally riveting than the story a wedding day video tells. There is something truly magical about reliving the most special of moments, being able to hear vows and speeches all over again and simply just viewing the day, after it happens. Your wedding day goes by so quickly and so much is happening at once that many often overlook things large or small. Having the peace of mind in knowing you will have a keepsake to hold onto and experience everything all over again is priceless.

Unfortunately, video tends to be one of the first vendors our clients seem to want to omit, for budget purposes or they just don't think they need it. We always encourage them to reevaluate this decision based on prior experiences with past clients. For quite some time clients have chosen to go without a video and to this day it tends to be one of their number one regrets. We now suggest at the very minimum having someone document the raw footage from the day. In the past several years, clients have taken our advice, hired a videographer for the day and have been beyond pleased in their decision.

One thing to note, their is a substantial difference between a wedding video and a cinematography styled wedding film. One of our favorite companies, Charles Lauren Films, recently spoke on some of the major differences between the two styles and why your video really is an investment for your future. In the video below, Kelsey Pluskat explains how the post-production process is truly what separates a cinema film from what she calls "your mother's wedding video".

Another incredible element to add to your wedding video is a highlight reel or even better yet the signature "same-day" edit created especially by Mr. Daniel Boswell of Imagique Cinema. Both the highlight reel and the "same-day" edit capture the most memorable moments of your day and feature them in an edited version synced to music. Sometimes they can also take words from speeches or vows or just special things said and edit those in as well.

The primary difference between the highlight reel and the "same-day" edit is the date it's shown. A "same-day" edit is created and shown live on-site at your wedding! Yes, this is actually possible and truly amazing. Guests are shocked and ecstatic to see all the details behind the scenes they didn't get to see during the day like getting ready moments or the minutes leading up to the ceremony. Typically we like to schedule the "same-day" edit for immediately following the cutting of the cake. This usually gives pros like Daniel ample time to setup an edit station in private and really go above and beyond with the cutting and mixing to your preselected song.

Here is an example of one of those magical "same-day" edits by Imagique Cinemafrom our Platinum Wedding. This happens to be one of our most favorite of all time! Not only do we love Alicia Keys but we also adore Kristel and Jason!

If you have additional questions in regards to Wedding Videography and the difference between Cinematography, please don't hesitate to ask.

If you are in search for a stellar videography team here are three of our personal favorites.

Daniel Boswell
of Imagique Cinema

David and Kelsey Pluskat
of Charles Lauren Films

Jason Garner Young of Garner Films

These companies are the best of the best and working with any of them will present you with an amazing video!

Happy Viewing!

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  1. What a great article Alex! I agree that it's a shame when this wonderful aspect of the wedding day is missed. I understand budget woes well, but your wedding day is just too special to be left to still photos alone. Same day editing is such fun, and a great way to entertain your guests. The work Daniel did for Jason and Kristal's wedding still brings chills.