Wednesday, March 30, 2011

We Heart The Illustrated Bride!

Imagine this, you have the most amazingly perfect wedding gown that your so in love with and are just ecstatic to wear for your big day. Come wedding day you rock this gorgeous gown, relish it's texture, are so in love with wearing it and truly wish you never had to take it off.

Of course as your wedding day concludes your married to the love of your life and are the happiest newlywed bride ever. As you celebrate each other on your honeymoon and reminisce about your special day, do you start to have visions of you in that beautiful gown? Once it's preserved and put away, do you feel as though part of you still wants to see it often? Is it even possible to miss a dress?

If so, Jennifer Hancock aka The Illustrated Bride has something very special in store for you. Using photographs from your photographer, The Illustrated Bride can recreate a custom illustration of your gown for your to cherish forever. While it's stored away in a safe place, you can still have a gorgeously drawn sketch of this special gown to look at whenever you wish.
Once you decide to proceed, you have various options to choose from like whether you want just the gown with no face details, your face sketched in, details like your veil and jewelery etc... Jennifer customizes your illustration to be exactly what you wish for.

Since a gown has a front and a back, The Illustrated Bride can also sketch both sides so your don't miss one bit.

You can also have your illustration framed individually or side by side next to a photo of you. The options are endless!

So if you haven't already, please click over to The Illustrated Bride Etsy site and check out her work! It also makes the perfect gift to give to a bride or even a bridesmaid.

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