Friday, June 29, 2012

Festive Fridays: Just Dance!

One of our July brides shared with me what a priority dancing was going to be for her big day.  She described it in saying that "dancing would be the heartbeat of their big reception".  I was so inspired by this and then started thinking about how important dancing truly can be.

 Photo courtesy of Once Wed

Dancing is one of my favorite things to do and I just don't do it nearly as much as I want to.  Being an event producer in LA though, I definitely get to see my fare share of others dancing though.  This year I'm determined to dance all night long for my big birthday in November.  Hopefully a few times before that too, but in the meantime, I thought it would be fun to share with you some of my favorite images capturing those hot moves on the dance floor!  So fun and festive and perfect for today's post!

 Check out these awesome moments!  So festive, so fun! 

Photo courtesy of Callaway Gable Photography

Photo courtesy of Next Exit Photography 

Photo courtesy of The Popes 

 Photo courtesy of Caroline Hancox Photography

 Photo courtesy of Rachel Tyler Photography

  Photo courtesy of True Photography

Photo courtesy of Stak Photographer Duo

 Photo courtesy of Allegro Photography

Photo courtesy of  Robert Holley Photography 

Photo courtesy of  Lin & Jirsa Photography
 Photo courtesy of Olivia Leigh Photographie

 Photo courtesy of  Callaway Gable Photography 
Photo courtesy of  Laurel McConnell Photography 

Yes, yes, now I'm sure your feeling inspired and want to get out and dance!  Have a dance party tonight, get your grove on, practice your first dance or even start to attack your reception music.  Whatever you do, make sure to dance a little this weekend... if you're anything like me it may be ultra cheesy and to something like my new favorite dance song, "Call me Maybe"! 

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