Thursday, June 07, 2012

Bold, Chic & In Love: The Suit

Let's be honest. The wedding is THE big day. But the week or two after that you spend on your honeymoon are true bliss. Happiness, all you can eat after dieting for months, and no one around but your significant other. In my dreams, this is all happening at an amazing hotel, on a hut over the ocean (in Bora Bora to be exact, if I am really dreaming). As far as packing goes, the one thing you will definitely want to bring are some amazing and sexy bathing suits!

Here are some of my favorite suits for honeymooning this summer:

1. The Abbie Triangle Top from Victoria's Secret
This one comes in many colors and patterns. Great for the flatter chested girls!

2. Viona in Fatal Charm from A Che
The top on this one gives full coverage, which is perfect for busts of all shapes!
3. Plunge Monokini from Victoria's Secret
This suit is extremely sexy without having to be totally bare.

4. Leopard-print Wrap Monokini from Victoria's Secret
I never knew these existed! If any of you rock this, you must send us a photo!

5. Natalie One-Piece from Anthropologie
I personally own this suit. Being a busty, curvy girl I have to say I have never enjoyed being in a bathing suit. Until I got this one. It is so flattering, so sexy and everything is covered! Absolutely perfect.

6. Firm Control Convertible Dress One-Piece from Victoria's Secret
This is an amazing suit. The tie can drape down to have a skirt effect. Great for a pair shape that wants to cover up their legs, yet still sexy on top.

7. Bombshell Halter Top from Victoria's Secret
I love this one! So cute, great coverage, and extra sexy by adding two cups in the push-up.

8. Farrah Push Up in Topaz from A Che
Another fun, full coverage choice. Love the turquoise!

With suits like these, I see a confident, sexy you lying somewhere on the beach out there with your lucky man!

Have any questions about the right suit for you and your body type? Email me at


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