Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Casting Alert: Something Borrowed Something New!

Trium Entertainment is in search of bride's with out of date dresses but a desire to wear a newly revised version of them.

Casting Director Kelsey had the following to say about the show..

"The show is called "Something Borrowed, Something New" and has been picked up for a full season!  We are looking for brides who have not yet found their wedding dress and have a mother, mother in law, aunt, grandma, sister, (anyone!) who has a dress that they might want to wear....except it's outdated, damaged or just plain not their style!

We are going to take their outdated dress and have it re-designed into their dream dress, putting $3,000 dollars into it!  We are also going to have a professional stylist take them shopping for a 'new' dream dress to fit with in their budget and at the end they will have to choose 'something borrowed, or something new'!

It's a great opportunity to get a free custom dress :o) and have a lot of fun along the way!"

If interested, please contact Kelsey today at KelseyAlayneCasting@gmail.com

Happy Dressing! 

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