Thursday, May 19, 2011

Inspired by Ranunculus!

I constantly work with designs that include ranunculus, they are so full of texture and really a beautiful addition to any floral combination. I love how complicated they can look because of all the layers of petals they have but at the same time, they're so delicate and dainty. They are extremely cost effective and versatile and I think that's why they are so popular.

On Mother's Day, I used them at my home as I hosted my family over for the day. I bought two different colors and placed various stems within my collection of Milk White Vases. So simple yet so sweet! Here's a quick photo just off my cell phone...

Here are some of my favorite inspirations utilizing this fluffy flower! What's your favorite color combination utilizing ranunculas?

Photo Courtesy of A City Love
Photo Courtesy of Wedding Flowers
Photo Courtesy of Swatchbook Weddings Photo Courtesy of Housemartin Photo Courtesy of Green Wedding Shoes

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