Monday, May 23, 2011

Too Sweet Not To Share: A Movie Theater Trailer Proposal

It's no surprise that I'm a hopeless romantic nor that I tear up consistently at almost every single wedding I produce. I just love love, love to love and the whole idea of any man or woman showing their affection, especially in a BIG way, always give me the chills.

Today's post is a proposal and it's so sweet and features one of my favorite songs ever right now, "Marry Me" by Train.

Check it out!

How sweet is Matt? I love his words about "making the movies jealous". They are so adorable and already have over 12 million viewers that have seen his proposal video. The response has been so large that they now not only have their own YouTube Channel, but also have a website dedicated to all their updates to follow up on their planning process, you can learn about everything Matt and Ginny here.

This super sweet photo was one of their engagement photos captured by Audrey Fotografie. How precious are they!

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