Saturday, December 03, 2011

Inspired by Phalaenopsis Orchids!

 Photo courtesy of Orchidaceous Orchid

Phalaenopsis Orchids aka Phals or Phalies as I like to call them are one of my favorite types of orchids and flowers period.  They are elegant and sophisticated, tall, sexy, exotic and just oh so gorgeous.  The glamor and overall look they bring to any arrangement or bouquet is just stunning and that's why I am forever fond of them.   

Here are some of the photos that show off these incredible orchids and showcase them in the finest way!

Photo courtesy of Preston Bailey

Photo courtesy of Natural Beauties

One of my the most unique designs I've seen in a long time was this extraordinary orchid cloud about a chuppah.  How beautiful is this?

Photo courtesy of Mood Flowers

 Photo courtesy of Jose Designs

Last but far from least, Karen Tran is a San Diego based floral designer and his a true gift with the incredible designs she creates using Phals.  Every time I see her work I'm more and more in love... check out some of my favorites...

Photos courtesy of Karen Tran Floral Design

Photo courtesy of Hours of Flowers
One of the best things about Phalaenopsis Orchids too is that you can use them sparingly or in an abundance and they always give an impact.  My favorite color are the fuchsia phals, what are yours?

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