Monday, May 23, 2011

Too Sweet Not To Share: A Movie Theater Trailer Proposal

It's no surprise that I'm a hopeless romantic nor that I tear up consistently at almost every single wedding I produce. I just love love, love to love and the whole idea of any man or woman showing their affection, especially in a BIG way, always give me the chills.

Today's post is a proposal and it's so sweet and features one of my favorite songs ever right now, "Marry Me" by Train.

Check it out!

How sweet is Matt? I love his words about "making the movies jealous". They are so adorable and already have over 12 million viewers that have seen his proposal video. The response has been so large that they now not only have their own YouTube Channel, but also have a website dedicated to all their updates to follow up on their planning process, you can learn about everything Matt and Ginny here.

This super sweet photo was one of their engagement photos captured by Audrey Fotografie. How precious are they!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Inspired by Ranunculus!

I constantly work with designs that include ranunculus, they are so full of texture and really a beautiful addition to any floral combination. I love how complicated they can look because of all the layers of petals they have but at the same time, they're so delicate and dainty. They are extremely cost effective and versatile and I think that's why they are so popular.

On Mother's Day, I used them at my home as I hosted my family over for the day. I bought two different colors and placed various stems within my collection of Milk White Vases. So simple yet so sweet! Here's a quick photo just off my cell phone...

Here are some of my favorite inspirations utilizing this fluffy flower! What's your favorite color combination utilizing ranunculas?

Photo Courtesy of A City Love
Photo Courtesy of Wedding Flowers
Photo Courtesy of Swatchbook Weddings Photo Courtesy of Housemartin Photo Courtesy of Green Wedding Shoes

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A Dodger Stadium Wedding: Save the Date!

Our dear friend Holly of Cakes and Kisses Wedding Photography is getting married and we are thrilled to assist her with all the extra special details she deserves as she steps away from her camera and becomes a bride!

Today we are sharing with you the incredible save the date for her super amazing Dodger Stadium Wedding! Camron from New Classic Films truly knocked this one out of the park! Check it out!

Holly is the sweetest, warmest, most friendly woman you could ever imagine. We are so happy for her as she embarks on this journey with her fiance Jeff! Stay tuned for more BIG Blue Wedding Details to come!

Friday, May 13, 2011

Festive Fridays: Play A Little with JAQK Cellars!

I'm jumping out of my seat to share with you today's Festive Friday! While most of the festivity on Friday's with this series are dedicated to fun, playful photos, today's post is all about WINE! But not just any wine... fun wine!

If you don't know already, I love wine, especially good wine. Over the past year I've had the pleasure of sampling a series of varietals from my new favorite winery, JAQK Cellars.

What's great about JAQK Cellars is not just how amazing the wine tastes but also how beautiful their bottles are. As a designer, I'm impressed by great design and totally awesome branding too. What's so fabulous about this new wine company is they really have it all. Even the stories behind the bottles are exciting.

I recently had the pleasure of arranging a private tasting with a couple colleagues and learned so many new things about JAQK Cellars that I'm excited to share today.

JAQK Cellars has a playful perspective on the finer things in life but also a work hard-play hard mentality. They support pursuing your passion and preach that work is not work when you love what you do. This is the epitome of how I run Sterling Engagements and when I learned this it really resonated inside me… How fun is that? This is why the JAQK Cellars motto is “ Play A Little” . Smart right? They even have an uber fun wine club called The Society of the Tipsy King!

I also love what the JAQK in the name stands for too. Jack, Ace, Queen King! This is so clever to match the “Play A Little” motto with the rulers of playing cards. Even further with uniquely designed and of course playful bottles!

Lastly, I adore how much of the designs on the bottles and meaning behind them center on luck. People often underestimate the power of luck and what it can do for you. JAQK embraces it, entertains you with stories about it through their bottle names and somewhat makes you feel lucky even while drinking a glass!

The wine was delightful before I ever learned any of the wineries background, after knowing what I know, I'm even more intrigued. Check out their website and you will be too! JAQK would be the perfect luxurious wine to serve at your next wedding, corporate or social event. Even better they have these super fun and festive gift sets that are a great gift to give anyone. My favorites are the High Roller, Black Clover and Charmed bottles.

If I didn't tell you enough above about how much I'm loving JAQK Cellars, you can always visit their site, fan their facebook or even follow them on twitter. Our good friend David Dees who lead our tasting is currently on a 6-week road trip spreading the word and and you can see where they'll be popping up next!

Happy Friday!

Sunday, May 01, 2011

Shoe Shot Sunday: Jessica + Kevin

From the moment Molly from Luminaire Images sent me these shoes I was in love. They are so fun, funky and stylish! Such a vibrant addition to your special day.

Jessica and Kevin were married at Tivoli Hacienda in Santa Ana. Their wedding was more of an alternative style and they really rocked it, so much that they were actually featured on the fabulous Rock and Roll Bride blog.

Jessica's wedding shoes have 2 of my favorite elements to them, first they're a color and I happen to love purple, then next they have a lot of texture which I also adore!

The shoe style is called Ivana and it's by RSVP. What's even extra fabulous about these special soles is that they not only come in the gorgeous purple but also a blue which you can easily wear as your "something blue"! I just love that, but that purple is really gorgeous too, so either way you'll be looking good!

For additional details from Jessica and Kevin's big day, please visit the Luminaire Images blog!