Wednesday, January 18, 2012

DIY With Star: Paper Hearts

I originally learned to make these paper hearts while studying abroad in Denmark almost ten years ago.  I haven't made them in a really long time but thought I would make some to decorate for Valentine's Day.  They are perfect for Valentine's Day, but would also be lovely at a wedding, bridal shower, or birthday party!
This is truly a simple project.  All you need are strips of paper and a stapler!  I used pale pink and cream paper but any color combination would work.  Below is the tutorial to make five paper hearts:

Step 1 - Cut thin strips of paper in the four sizes listed below.  Each paper heart will use one of the longest strips and two of each of the other size strips.

  • Five 11inch strips (shown in pink)
  • Ten 8 1/2 inch strips (shown in cream)
  • Ten 7 1/2 inch strips (show in pink)
  • Ten 6 1/2 inch strips (shown in cream)

Step 2 - To make your first heart, fold one of the longest strips in half and place in the middle. Line the strips longest to shortest on either side of the folded strip.

Step 3 - With the fold of the folded strip facing up, add the two longest strips on either side, leaving about an inch or two of the fold sticking out the top.  Continue with the next two sizes on either side.

Continue with the next two sizes on either side.

Staple all of the pieces together at the base.

Step 4 - Starting with the outside strips (the shortest strips), bring each strip down to the lower part of the folded strip.  Once both sides are brought down you will have your first heart shape.  

Continue with the next two sizes.  Staple at the base.

Step 5 - Cut the extra paper off the bottom of the folded piece.

Ta da, your first heart is complete!

Repeat by making four more hearts.  You can then thread ribbon or string through the loop at the top.

I used white twine to string them together and hung them above my kitchen window.  Love them!

I've found these available for sale all over Etsy.  Some sellers have gotten really creative, using bold colors, sheet music and maps... but why buy them when you can make your own?!  Try making your own paper hearts with different types of paper.  Check out some of these ideas.

Photo courtesy of Etsy

Photo courtesy of Etsy

Photo courtesy of Etsy

Happy crafting!


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