Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Words of Wisdom Wednesdays: New Postage Rates for 2012!

On Sunday The USPS rolled out new postage rates for 2012.  As you and your loved ones prepare to send out your event stationary, whether it is your save the dates, shower invitations, wedding invitations, thank yous and more it's important to know how these increases will affect you.  

Photo courtesy of Oh So Beautiful Paper

If you're working with an invitation designer they often times are in the know.  If you're not, the old fashioned way of visiting your local USPS with a sample of your stationary is always effective.  The USPS website does have a helpful postage calculator as well, it can assist you in getting an idea of what your looking at rate wise.  However, I do feel that sometimes in person is the safest bet when it comes to something so important as an invitation.  

In researching for this post I found an amazing cheat sheet created by the awesome Erika of Delphine Press.  Check it out!

All this stamp talk also makes me feel like sharing some of my favorite stamp designs for wedding invitations.  If you don't want to spend the cost associated with using Zazzle to customize your look, here are the best of the best when it comes to wedding and/love themed stamps.  

The cake is of course a very common selection and often paired with the rings.  I however adore the king and queen.  I love the heart detail with the flowers plus something about the pair when often used together seems lucky.  
I also love the garden of love sheets.  Filled with bright colors and hearts, these ones are so festive!  They're perfect for a shower, the response card envelop or even a thank you post shower or wedding.  Speaking of festive, how great is the celebrate in the neon lights?  It's the perfect stamp for a rehearsal dinner invitation, bachelor or bachelorette or even an engagement party!
Be sure to visit the USPS Shop to purchase these LOVE-ly designs.  What do you envision on your envelopes?  Isn't something wedding themed, a photo, something sentimental?  If you're already hitched, what did you opt to do?  So curious, let us know!                                                                                                                                                                                            Happy Stamping! 

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