Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Star's Favorite Things: Halloween Fun!

Happy Halloween!  We celebrated Halloween this past weekend by hosting a casual get together in our home.  It featured yummy festive and fall inspired treats and lots of DIY decor.  Below are a few photos of some of the fun elements.  All photos were taken by the talented Christine Collins of Collins Clan Photography

I made a ghost out of cheesecloth and fabric stiffener. This was an easy craft and extremely inexpensive! Thank you Pinterest and the Everyday is a Crafting Day blog for the idea! 

A few years ago I purchased a couple cases of mason jars from my local grocery store and use them all the time!  They make great vases, candle holders and of course, beverage glasses!  I tie ribbon, tulle or raffia around the top in various colors depending on the occasion, and I end up with a decor element that appears to be tailor made for the event at hand.  As you know, I love paper straws (as you can see from my previous post) and utilized black and orange ones for the beverages which were served in mason jars tied with black tulle.  This was super quick, inexpensive and so much more fun than plastic cups! 

A friend of ours brought over the adorable carved pumpkin.  Love the simple yet creative little face on it!
Lots of delicious snacks and goodies were served... below are some of my favorites! I've been making the chocolate dipped apricots for a while now and they are super easy. Simply dip dried apricots in melted chocolate until they are halfway covered, lay on parchment paper and top with a whole almond before the chocolate dries. Simple and delicious and very Halloweenie!

We served carrots and ranch in little shot glasses which made for perfect little portions.
The marshmallow people were hand dipped in food coloring then in chocolate and finished off with little chocolate eyes. This was so fun, I know I'll be making them again in the future and I'll definitely share the DIY tutorial with you. Stay tuned!
Cheetos were served in little paper cones and I glued googalie eyes to them to add a little fun!
Because in my opinion, you can't have a party without cake, chocolate cupcakes were served alongside delicious caramel apples slices (which I happen to think are the perfect Halloween treat)!

This is our our little man's first Halloween and we've had so much fun introducing him to all that this holiday has to offer! We even stuck him in a pumpkin for a quick photo. He wasn't too sure what to do so he just started gnawing on the side!   

Happy Halloween from the Sterling Team!



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