Thursday, November 01, 2012

Bold, Chic & In Love: Ring Bearer Swag

Although a flower girl is extremely adorable, there is something about a tiny little guy dressed his best that warms the heart. A ring bearer is a very important job, as not much can happen without those rings! Why not make your little guy the perfect date for your flower girl?

Here are some options to make sure the little stud has enough swag for his partner down the aisle.

All photos courtesy of Macys, J.Crew, Sophia Styles, & Pinterest.

1. Four Piece Set from Macys

2. Little Boys Grey Stripe Suit from Sophia Styles

3. Slide Stripe Zipper Tie from Macys

4. Boys Driving Cap from J.Crew

5. Boys Stripe Silk Bow Tie from J.Crew

6. Boys Silver Tie Clip from J.Crew

7. Brass Button Blazer from Macys

8. Special Occasion from Sophia Styles

My personal favorite touch is the driving cap and tie clip. Accessories like this can really make the look stylish & modern, as opposed to a more classic option like the grey stripe suit. It's almost impossible to make the wrong choice on this outfit.

Want my advice on which bow tie your ring bearer should rock? Feel free to email me at

Hope you all had a fun & safe Halloween!



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