Friday, January 07, 2011

Festive Fridays: Kids So Cute They Could Steal The Show!

Today's post is so adorable, I just cannot wait to share it.... Kids! How can you resist these precious bridal party favorites?

These photos were so much fun to find, I hope you enjoy viewing them as much as I enjoyed finding them for you to view!

She's such a girly girl, I just love this one!
Photos Courtesy of Leo DJ Photography

He is a tough one...
Photo Courtesy of Clarence Harvey Photography

This is my favorite, I just adore her...
Photo Courtesy of Wedding & Travel Blog

This is a second favorite... they are so well dressed!
Photos Courtesy of Wildflowers Photos

This ring bearer has moves and he is not afraid to use them or work it!
Photo Courtesy of Elizabeth and Jane Photography

I love how everyone is just in their own world here and the kids are the only ones looking head on at the camera.
Photo Courtesy of Allegro Photography

She is so happy with her cake isn't she?
Photo Courtesy of Luster Studios

Can you imagine triplet ring bearers? They are so cute!
Photos Courtesy of Talley Images

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