Monday, April 04, 2011

My Fave Mondays: Event Painting by Agnes

Agnes Csiszar Russo
is an artist to say the least but not just any artist, a live event painter. Today I want to share with you an incredible gift can give, be gifted or even gift yourself. A live event painting is an amazing piece of art you can hang on your wall to remember your wedding or special event.

Agnes is one of the best and we're thrilled with her artistic talent and the incredible gifts she continues to create for couples or event hosts.

Agnes was so kind to share to share with us a little peek into her world and how she makes her magic.

Live event painting is so unique, how did you first get into this?
"I am from Hungary, where I grew up in small cities, moved through gypsy villages, where people had plenty of time to pose for portraits. Later I was trained in traditional fine art in Budapest and when I moved to Los Angeles in 1995, I started to work in the movie industry. I worked as an illustrator, creating concept sketches, posters, and set design.

One day I was drawing a presentation sketch for a big event and the client loved the illustration so much that she wanted me to paint on the location during the event. That was my very first "Live Event Painting". I met several future clients at that event and this became a wonderful passion of mine. It developed into a new profession that I love."

How does it work?
"I come early to set up my easel and I sketch the background elements for the painting, by the time the guests arrive, there is a vibrant sketch on the canvas. I then can start focusing painting in the people. I take photos of the special guests that the bride and groom choose an advance and place them into the foreground of the painting, carefully creating a balanced composition. I pay special attention to their body language, and try to capture their characters with natural poses. My little digital camera is a great help for reference, since naturally no one has time to pose long enough for their portraits."

I hope you have enjoyed learning a bit more about Agnes and the gorgeous "live event paintings" she creates. For more information , please visit her website and see what kind of magic she can paint for your next wedding or special event.

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