Friday, April 29, 2011

Countdown To The Royal Wedding

The countdown has officially begun and as I sit here watching the Royal Wedding coverage with so little time left to go, I felt the need to share a a piece of my excitement with you.

I started my day attending a very special Royal Tea Party hosted by the ever so wonderful Eddie Zaratsian of tic-tock Couture and The Langham Pasadena. The event was flawless, so much fun and truly the perfect beginning to a magical event in history. Here's a sneak peak of the tablescape from the Viennese ballroom where we had tea.

With all this Royal Wedding buzz the wedding industry is booming with Royal inspiration and I felt it was fitting to share a bit of it with you tonight.

Photo Courtesy of Hulu

A couple week's ago the incredibly talented Youngsong Martin of Wildflower Linens revealed an opulent "Royal" inspired napkin ring that is just epic. From the moment we received the details on this stunning show stopper we were sold!

Photo Courtesy of Tres Fabu

Today we received an email from Classic Party Rentals on yet another "Royal" inspired Chameleon Chair. How elegant is this?

As I watch the arrivals I love all the hats and headpieces I see! It's fascinating to watch all the different designs, colors and details of these fabulous hats!

Photo Courtesy of Rachel Trevor-Morgan

Photo Courtesy of All About Weddings

I'm also fascinated by the men's morning suits! How great are they? Just as versatile as some of the hats are the variety of colors and textures in the gentleman's suits. Here are a few favorites...

Photos Courtesy of Nicola Cornick

Last but not least is what I hope to see Kate in... a lace gown that's timeless, sophisticated and contemporary but still pays homage to Diana. A friend told me today to revisit Grace Kelly's gown, I did and now I must share it with you, it's just breathtaking!

Photo Courtesy of Covelli Boutique

Hope you enjoyed the countdown but now it's time for the moment I've been waiting for since November... The Royal Wedding!

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