Thursday, March 08, 2012

Bold, Chic, and in Love: The Perfect Shoe

Ladies, I have just come across what I would call a true gem. Have you ever had a perfect image of what you are shopping for, but cannot find it anywhere? I know I have, which is why I am so excited about Milk & Honey. This is the site we have all been waiting for! It is a shoe builder site, which means you can design your own shoe. You choose the type of shoe, heel length, platform, and colors. You can add embellishments, like bows and studs! Your wedding day heels, reception flats, bridesmaids pumps, and stilettos for your bachelorette party are waiting to be created!

Milk & Honey even has a bridal collection. From the testimonials that I read, many brides wear their shoes and find them to be extremely comfortable! What attracts me to their bridal collection is that the shoes are made, but you can still make them the perfect pair for you. Not to mention, they range from $250 - $300, depending on how much you add on.

Photos courtesy of Milk & Honey

Give them two months notice and you can have the perfect, comfortable shoe for every party, bridesmaid and especially your big day. Win, win!

Photo courtesy of Milk & Honey

This is what the shoes look like as you create them. My favorite color is purple and I am definitely a bow person, which makes these pumps perfect for me! It's hard not to make them sparkly with all the sequin options, which was my main debate in creating these. Milk & Honey will take hours of your life away as it is so much fun to create your own shoe, over and over!

Have fun designing- get creative! I would love to see any shoes that you design, email me a picture at


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