Thursday, March 22, 2012

Bold, Chic, and in Love: Picture Perfect

There is probably no other time in your life where you and your fiancee will have as many photos taken as you will during your engagement. Of course you will always look perfect, why not make sure your man does as well?

These two outfits would be great for doing your registry, attending parties together, dropping flowers off to your fiancee at work, attending your menu tasting, and every other event and dinner in between now and the big day. The first look is a little more dressy, while the second is a little more casual. Depending on if your lady is in a dress or jeans, you have an outfit to match.

Photos courtesy of Topman, The Tie Bar, J. Crew, and Nordstroms

Blazer: Navy Herringbone Skinny Blazer from Topman
Shirt: BOSS Black Regular Fit Dress Shirt from Nordstroms
Tie: C2 Stripe Tie by Calibrate from Nordstroms
Watch: Timex Andros Watch from J. Crew

This look can be worn to almost any occasion. You can't go wrong with a blazer and crisp white button-up.

Sweater: Wallace and Barnes Fircrest Cardigan from J. Crew
Shirt: Indian Cottor Shirt in Bamfield Plaid from J. Crew
Tie: Hartlin Check Tie from J. Crew
Tie bar: Smooth Slide Clasp from The Tie Bar
Tie: Grenafaux Midnight Navy Tie from The Tie Bar

I live in a bubble of belief that men should dress like this every single day. And maybe you can make that a reality! The sweater and plaid button-up can be seen as casual, however when you pair it with the navy tie and tie bar you instantly get a very well put together outfit. This look shows that you pay attention to detail and care about your style.

Many of these pieces are classics and interchangeable and you may not need to buy anything new! Unless you don't already have a white button-up, blazer, tie bar, or awesome collection of ties. If that is the case, start clicking! And always feel free to ask my advice, email me at

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