Thursday, May 24, 2012

Bold, Chic & In Love: Getting Ready Outfit

Every single bit of your big day should be new and exciting! Why not plan out what you will be wearing as you get ready to slip into your gorgeous dress. Not to mention, the photographers will most likely be shooting you getting ready, so might as well look fashionably beautifully at all times.

I've put together a few items you should consider for your big day. Cute but comfortable are key here. Victoria's Secret has an entire line of clothing for brides as they are getting ready!

1. Velour Bling Hoodie by Juicy
2. Bridal Graphic Tee by Victoria's Secret 
3. Chiffon Robe by Betsey Johnson
4. Bridal Graphic Tank Top by Victoria's Secret
5. Cozy Fleece Ribbon Slipper by Victoria's Secret
6. Bridal Robe by Victoria's Secret
7. Bridal Hoodie by Victoria's Secret
8. Five Star Fleece Pant by Juicy

It is almost mandatory that you get a cute outfit to get ready and take photos in. My favorite is the Betsey Johnson robe. If you have some amazing getting ready clothes that I didn't post, I'd love to see them! Email me at



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