Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Inspired by Keep Calm And....

Last May we had the pleasure of planning Brandie + Ede's big day at The Parker in Palm Springs and one of her most favorite wedding elements was a Keep Calm Party On Banner.  So today more than ever, I've noticed an increasingly large amount of Keep Calm Banners, Posters and Fun that continue to pop up.  Here are a few of my favorites!

  Photo courtesy of Zank You

Reach for the starts and follow your dreams too!  Love the background of this one.... Makes me want to finger paint a little...

All photos above courtesy of Pinterest

Love this one too!  How cute would it be to have this on your big day?  So sweet for a rustic wedding too!  I love wood signs as you know.  I'm sure we could have our favorite sign maker Nana of Family Attic Shoppe make something like this up...   

Photo courtesy of Etsy

Of course a personal favorite one, for those of you that don't know about my deep seeded love for coffee and making coffee all the time... 
 Photo courtesy of Lord Noel and Lady Jacqueline

 Photo courtesy of Memoranda

Photo courtesy of Tux and Tales Photography 
   Photo courtesy of Dog Art Today

And of course... just for fun and not to be taken seriously.... Had to include this one in the mix!

 Photo courtesy of Pinterest

Hope you enjoyed some of these fun and sassy images as much as I enjoyed picking out my favorites to share... If you were to create one, what would your Keep Calm and.... say?  Feel free to comment and let us know!    

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  1. Alex! I love these. I found one for Tim that says Keep Calm and Drink Beer!