Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Bridal Premiere Question 1

Question: As a groom what is the best gift a man can get her bride on the "big" day? - Bennett Smith

Answer: Bennett, that is such a great question for you to ask and I'm so happy that it's the first one I picked out of our vase.

A groom could send his bride flowers with a love letter, jewelry or even just an exceptionally mushy card sprayed with his cologne on the day of. What's most important is really the effort and thought that is put in prior to the act of actually giving the gift. This is a gift that has no monetary value whatsoever and is strictly from the heart. The fact that your asking shows you are putting that effort in and your bride should feel very special.

This is the last act of giving a couple experiences prior to exchanging vows so I always advise my brides and grooms to make it something you know is meaningful to each other. For both, I always try to suggest it to be something they can take or wear with them down the aisle. For a bride if your budget is flexible, I do suggest a piece of jewelry she can wear as she walks down to you, whether it's something simple, pearls or diamonds, whichever you think she'll love the most. If your budget is a bit more modest, how about an embroidered handkerchief she can tuck in her gown for the teary moments. I suggest having them personalize it with something sentimental. Perhaps, "To my Bride, My Love, My Soul mate", "Can't wait to marry you" or "For the love of my life on our wedding day", with the date of course.

If either of these don't sound appealing to what you think your bride would love. Check out these additional gifts for your bride on your special day.

Wedding Invitation Personalized Frame
A very sweet today to frame the memory of your day and give to your bride to be prior to the ceremony.

Engraved "On This Day" Bottle
A beautiful bottle keepsake that engraves a special poem or can engrave words your write on your own. Something your bride will cherish and can place in your home.

May Our Marriage Plaque
A gorgeous plaque for the sentimental bride to let her know your hopes for your marriage.

Photo Memory Book
Create a memory photo book of your relationship and the path you took together. Use all of the images you can find that lead up to your special wedding day. This is one of my most favorite gifts to see a bride or groom receive. It's so special and definitely a wonderful way to create something to share over many years to come. You can make a book like this at any photo website, however shutterfuly is offering 25% off their memory books right now.

Wedding Rose
A beautiful preserved rose in the metal of your choice with your names imprinted on it. A really sweet sentiment and still simple at the same time.

I hope these items help you you find one that is just perfect for your bride!

Happy Shopping!

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