Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Hottest New Song for Bouquet Tosses!

Thanks to Beyonce, there's a hot new song out on the dance floor for bouquet tosses. To get the vibe really rolling check out Single Ladies and pump things up a notch.

The history for tossing the bride's bouquet dates all the way back to the 14th century in France. On her wedding day, a bride was believed to be especially lucky. Guests would charge toward the bride as the ceremony concluded in hopes of tearing off a piece of her gown. In doing so, they brought her gown pieces home for their own good fortune. This chaotic behavior often became quite wild and dangerous. To protect herself, brides came up with the idea of throwing their stockings and/or garter. This worked for a short time until brides began to rebel and reject the new idea. It was then that brides began tossing the bouquet and switched the ritual. This tradition has stuck with brides ever since and aided in ensuring that the groom is really the only man that the gown truly goes home with that night.

Don't' forget to make sure you ask your florist to make you a toss bouquet so you can hold on to your actual bouquet.

If you are not a fan of tossing a bouquet here are a few other options that still involve your guests.

▪ Ask your florist to create a breakaway bouquet where it is only held together by a ribbon. Right before you toss the bouquet undo the ribbon and this allows multiple people to catch your luck.

▪ Choose a close friend or relative to dedicate your bouquet to, give the bouquet and pass your luck on at the same time.

▪ Together with your fiance decide on a couple that represents the type of marriage you wish to have. Honor them by giving the bouquet to them and saying a few short words on why they equate what you hope to be.

▪ Ask your DJ, Band or MC to arrange an anniversary dance. This is where a song is played and all the married couples dance. While they are dancing your MC auctions off time frames, such as 6 months or 5 years and so forth to represent the length of time they have been married. As each time is said couples stay on the dance floor until their time has been announced. Eventually there will be one couple standing and this is the couple that shall receive your bouquet. Passing your bouquet to the couple together the longest to signify your luck for your future together.

Happy Tossing!

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