Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Bridal Premiere Question 5

Question: My fiance and I have been together for almost six years. He loves my heart and says he thinks I live in a fairytale my questions is the dress... Should I go for a fairytale Cinderella like dress or a elegant bride womanly dress? I love both looks, both have a different feel what should I do? - Gina

Answer: Gina, I love your question! I feel so bad that you are genuinely struggling with this and hope my answer gives you some relief!

First, remember this is your day, so you need to go with your instinct or gut feeling on this. While your fiance may feel your living in a fairytale, ultimately if you are... then you wear your fairytale dress and feel proud doing it! He loves you no matter what and is going to be speechless from your beauty regardless of which dress you pick, what's important is how you feel.

So many brides have dreamed about their day from the time they were a little girl if you have always had a fairytale vision than I honestly believe you should proceed with this type of dress. However, if you are feeling the urge to go more modern and choose that elegant "womanly" dress, don't let your fiance's opinion of how you live steer you away. If you want that look, regardless of what is holding you back or making you hesitant, this is the one day that it is okay to go for it!

Another option would be selecting a dress that features characteristics from both gowns you like. Maybe a gown that has the long fairytale train or bustle you love but a fitted look or has the detail you love yet with a sexy vibe to it. Similar to this Ines Di Santo look. There are so many designers that create gowns which combine various styles to them. If you have the time go to several stores and try on as many different looks as you can. As you try each gown on you will get a feeling that will help you and hint to you what feels right.

My last suggestion to you would be to wear two gowns. If it is in your budget this is a trend that has become more and more popular over the years and enables you to satisfy both options. You can wear your fairytale dream gown down the aisle and long enough for your grand entrance and first dance and then slyly switch into your party dress for the remainder of the night. It's an exciting and fun secret to keep from your guests and your new husband! When selecting this option, I often suggest renting one of the dresses to avoid double the cost. Check out One Night Affair in Los Angeles for a great selection and reasonable prices.

I hope these options helped and brought some ease to your decision. If you need further input you can always email me and I will try and help you work through it.

Happy Searching!

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