Saturday, January 17, 2009

Bridal Premiere Question 3

Question: Do you wear your wedding ring to the ceremony? -Anonymous

Answer: Dear Anonymous, do you mean your engagement ring? I'm assuming since you don't receive your wedding ring until during the ceremony that you mean the engagement ring, so I will answer based on that, however if this is not the case please email me to clarify and I can try to clear this up for you.

There is no true engagement ring etiquette per say. However, many brides do want to incorporate their engagement ring on their day by wearing it. While some brides leave the ring on their left and switch the placement after the ceremony. The most popular option when wanting to incorporate your engagement ring on your day is to wear it on your right hand until the ceremony concludes and you have your wedding ring on your left hand. Once your ring is placed on your left, you can then switch the engagement ring over to your left too. Another option is asking a family member or maid of honor to hold your engagement ring until after the ceremony, so your hands are pure walking down the aisle. Some brides leave their engagement ring at home until after the wedding and then begin wearing them together. It all is up to you and what you are comfortable doing.

Happy Wearing!

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