Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Wedded Bliss: Alexandra + Jonathan

Today is a very special post for me as it's personal and we all know I'm not one to share personal details up on our Sterling Blog very often.  But today is the exception, as it's a special one near and dear to my heart and I'm super excited to share it with each of you!

A month ago today I married my best friend.  It was the most amazing fairytale inspired day and believe it or not I'm confident after experiencing it all as a "Bride" myself, I'm a better planner now for it.  I see things not just as the educated professional now, but also as the one that has to go through cutting the guest list, registering for gifts, going over budget and even the nerves on the big day!  It was a remarkable experience, a perfect day and I feel so lucky to share what lies ahead with my husband.  You may remember him from the few posts he wrote about being a wedding planner's groom. 

Anyway, so many of you are asking about the wedding and so today I decided to share one of my favorite photos with you from the big day by our amazing photographers, Callaway Gable Photography.  In addition, here's a preview from our day, our epic same day edit!  Created by one of the best of the best, Daniel Boswell of Imagique.

 Hope you enjoy this sneak peek as I've enjoyed sharing it with you.  So many of you have asked how it was to plan the wedding while planning everyone else's big day simultaneously.  I'll be honest, it was hard, really challenging as my clients and company are always a priority, it was extremely interesting to try and hold that up while also allowing time to plan our day.  Regardless, our wedding is now an amazing set of memories.  I'm so excited to be back, working with my clients, meet new ones and look forward to giving you and yours an extraordinary planning experience too!      


  1. Congratulations again! I'm so happy for you!

  2. Lovely video! A thousand congrats to you and your husband...